Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Road to Perdition:

"Don't write a check that your mouth can't cash". That's something we adults learn in everyday life and sports. If you going to talk the talk, then you had better walk the walk. I drove to Texas on a mission.

The Universe had already conspired against me. I had arrived beaten up and riddled with injuries from two back to back tennis tournaments and a fateful slip down stairs where both knees felt hyper-extended. The tennis elbow that plagued me during the New Orleans tournament had still not gone away. With every groundstroke, I felt a tinge of pain in my right arm.

Considering there were 44 participants in the singles division and 23 teams in doubles, I marked Saturday as the day my dead corpse would lay bloody and defeated in battle. With the competition fierce, the odds of winning it all were staggering.

Playing in my 5th tennis match in less than 24 hours, I was eliminated 6-3,6-4 in singles by a very athletic #4 seed. The windy conditions on the court distracted my mind and fatigue had set in to take away some fight. I was essentially playing like a brainless zombie. My loss was the perfect payback for taking him out earlier this year in Austin's tournament.

I had to somehow find a reservoir of strength and fight on. The trouble is that my doubles partner, Rod, and I both felt like carrion waiting for vultures to swoop down and consume us. We were soooo tired with our 6th and 7th matches looming. No problem. We put those teams (the #2 and #6 seeds) away in straight sets.

One more victory on Sunday (our 8th overall match) gave us the HouTex Doubles Championship:


Blogger mikeinbama said...

Congratulations Brett to you and your doubles partner.

November 13, 2012  
Blogger Jason said...

hey congratulations.

November 15, 2012  

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