Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend with THE Cub:

When I first met "Mean Cub", I was a little apprehensive because he is an Austin native. With a city that gay, I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into. Can I bring him around Mama? Would he act "right" at the family dinner table or spontaneously break out in song like Kurt from Glee?

There are times when I test his masculinity with rapid fire questions. Who do the Longhorns play? Home or away? What time? Who's going to win? What do you mean you don't know?! It is my way of training him so he may assimilate into Louisiana's more conservative culture should he move.

Fortunately, Mean Cub actually likes watching football and understands the rules. I am very lucky indeed! Now, I just need him to tone down his arrogant Texas Longhorn-ness. You are in SEC country now. Moderate everything with, "but I have always loved LSU!" at the dinner table. Thanks!

This weekend, we continued exploring the dynamics of our relationship. He grocery shopped, cooked, and cleaned the kitchen while I played tennis. "Hey, I could really get used to this lifestyle!", I thought as I laid battle weary on the couch... with a full belly.  :)

His FAMOUS Tortilla Soup:

So, aside from the long distance... the relationship is going swell. We seem to compliment each other nicely. In fact, I was just telling my Dad how great our weekend went. His response: "Let me get this straight. He drove 14 hours to see you, cooked and cleaned all weekend, while you played tennis?"  I was like - "YES! Isn't he great?!" :)

I am on guard however. His best friends warned me multiple times that Mean Cub has only gotten skinny during the courtship, but his waist will explode like a can of biscuits the moment I put a ring on his finger. Don't you just love best friends? I was advised to padlock the fridge after the wedding. Taken care of.


Jimbo's insanity continues to go unabated by evidence of this picture (SEE BELOW). Am I the only one here brave enough to state the obvious - what a perfect representation of the creature known as Jimbo being spawned and promptly expelled from nature's "poop shoot"! Everything makes sense now.


Blogger Cubby said...

Gollum wannabe?

October 29, 2012  
Blogger Brettcajun said...

Gollum would WIN a beauty contest hands down over Jimbo... sweeping Miss Congeniality, the swimsuit competition, evening gown, and What would I do for world peace? categories.

October 29, 2012  
Anonymous RJ said...

That should be "chute".

October 29, 2012  
Blogger Brettcajun said...

I was using slang... as is common with us youngsters. ;)

October 29, 2012  
Anonymous jimbo said...

At least I can fit in a culvert that size with room to spare. We'd have to call FEMA to get you dislodged if you tried the same photo.

October 30, 2012  
Anonymous Jeff said...

I was going to make some crack about Southerners and how we Northerners got the biggest hurricane on record, but don't have derelicts living in our sports venues.

But on the news this morning there was all this whining about no power for three days. God forbid if these people had to survive an earthquake, tornado or blizzard. Ya, it gets cold in the north this time of year so grab a blanket and quit complaining!

November 02, 2012  
Blogger Blobby said...

you compliment each other? I thought you only patted yourself on the back.

however, I will take his tortilla soup recipe if you'll so provide it.

November 03, 2012  
Blogger RG said...

That tortilla soup looks awesome. I conur with Bloggy: Gives us the recipe!

November 05, 2012  
Blogger cb said...

I kinda hope he puts on weight. And then you have to endure carting a "fatty" around the club and denying his existence to your friends because you can't admit liking someone beyond their physical appeal.

November 11, 2012  
Blogger Jason said...

Sounds interesting, looks yummy!

November 15, 2012  

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