Friday, June 01, 2012

Mean Cub's Seven Day Visit:

My dating life has sure become interesting. I met "Mean Cub" (his chosen nickname) while playing in an Austin tennis tournament. He attracted my attention by sporting an Adidas black and white soccer outfit with jock at The Iron Bear.

Since that time, we have done several short weekend visits lasting 24-48 hours in Houston, which is a manageable drive. This Memorial Day weekend, we decided to see if SEVEN DAYS spent together would drive one insane and the other with a murder charge.

I know what you're thinking: Brett can't even spend 7 days with a blowup doll much less a real life human being! WRONG bitch. There are no after-three-days-smells-like-rotten-fish OR gimme-space-or-I-freak-and-become-a-gaping-MEGA-bitch social disorders here. I get along well with everyone! :)

My spring cleaning plan was hatched weeks ago in anticipation of Mean Cub's visit. Unfortunately, he decides at the very last minute to come in a day early making me a nervous wreck getting the bachelor's pad cleaned up and fridge stocked. I forgave him ONLY after he offered homemade fudge he made especially for the trip.

On the farm, Mean Cub got to see that I don't live with Mama and Daddy OR live in a trailer. He noted that he felt like we were in "Mayberry". GRIN. My dogs Boudreaux and Pierre readily liked him. Heck, even the baby horses greeted him warmly when we rode around the farm on the Gator.

On Saturday, we attended the first day of the Bayou Country Superfest at LSU's Tiger Stadium. It was hot as hell, but we enjoyed seeing performances by Eric Church, Little Big Town, Carrie Underwood, and the EXCELLENT Keith Urban from 5pm until Midnight.

On the next day, we traveled to New Orleans and spent two nights in the Big Easy. We walked along the Mississippi River, saw the million dollar mansions on St. Charles Ave., and went up and down the French Quarter.

I also took Mean Cub to the usual haunts (Bourbon Pub, Oz, and Lafittes in Exile). I hadn't been out much at all in gay bars in 2012, so I was in typical Ohhh... form. After witnessing my social behavior first hand, Mean Cub suddenly announced he had no desire to go out the next night. WhattaIdoooo?! WhattaIdoooo?!

Before he drove back to Austin, Mean Cub made my house ooze of a greasy fried chicken smell, which was actually quite delicious! :) He also cooked, froze, and individually bagged a casserole in lunch sized portions so I wouldn't go hungry for the next ten days. Awwwhhh. :)

Now, back to my normal routine so that I may shed the 7 pounds I have gained since his visit! I'm... now... squishy... and it's all Mean Cub's fault! :(


Blogger Raybeard said...

He looks a real sweetie!

'twould be presumptious (not to say irritating) to suggest that you both might - repeat, MIGHT - be mutually smitten. But I do look forward with keen interest to read your next 'progress report'.

June 01, 2012  
Blogger BoholstWife said...

A way to a man's heart is through his stomach right? Then of course hit the gym or bedroom for a workout. He sounds like a keeper. Partying is for the younger immature crowds.
Taking care of yourself is always top priority and has a partner,he would be perfect for support.
Oh,how did "mean cub" come to be his name? story to tell,maybe? Hopefully PG or G

June 01, 2012  
Blogger Blobby said...

so here is my take away: for his trip, he packed fudge. : )

June 02, 2012  
Blogger RG said...

And yet, I still have not received a visit from you in Boston. Hmmmmm.....

June 02, 2012  
Anonymous Kevin M said...

It's all Mean Cub's fault that you're squishy? Then you must have left out the part where he tied you down and force-fed you fattening foods against your will. You really need to learn not to self-edit so much.

June 02, 2012  
Anonymous Jeff said...

So, does he have a job? Live with his parents? Or rent? Own? Is he educated? Good hygiene? Substance abuse problems? Perform satisfactorily in the bedroom? Social manners? Flirt? How long since his last relationship? Reason for breakup? How long did that relationship last? Dress appropriately? Does he know that any "Housewives" show is not a sport? Have you met any of his friends?

Somebody has to ask these questions and since I'm probably the oldest (and most experienced) commenter here, I guess it's me.

June 03, 2012  
Anonymous jimbo said...

I believe I am the one who said the rotten fish anectote.

And please keep your distance, thanks.

June 03, 2012  
Blogger BadgerBear said...

You said it yourself: this situation is exactly like what happened with your ex. What's the one thing in common about both of those situations?

June 03, 2012  
Blogger Nurse P said...

Your guy seems like a keeper. I am a little pissed at you for taking him out to queer bars, especially ones where your behavior is less than complimentary. Were you testing him to see if he could withstand your flirty nature?

Brett, one of these days you will get it. And the get I am hoping you will get is that making a relationship work is not about testing people or playing games or what they can do for you. Yeah, it's great he fried you chicken and made you lunch for a week. But, you reward that by being concerned if he will like your animals and respond well when you go bar hopping? COME ON!

He came all of that way and brought you fudge. I would have been spent the weekend doing everything I could to let him how sweet and wonderful he was. Kindness is hard to find. Reward it. Don't test it.

Just sayin'

June 04, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw you standing on the street corner on Sunday afternoon/evening, so I'll speak on your behalf. You did not appear inebriated; you did not appear to be acting the slut; you did not appear to be doing anything objectionable. Maybe he just didn't think it was that much fun standing in the heat with a bunch of people he did not know. I mean, I did know a bunch of people, and I still didn't think it was fun enough to make me want to do it again the next day.

June 04, 2012  
Blogger cb said...

He sounds nice. Don't fuck it up.

Oh, and I'm assuming he's the top?

June 09, 2012  

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