Sunday, July 24, 2011


1. Hiding your hands under a blanket so the little mongrel won't bite them AGAIN.
2. Catching a whiff of something foul and searching your home for little presents left behind.
3. Constantly refilling a water bowl only to wipe up a flood of puppy pee (biblical proportions) for the umpteenth goddamn time. Grr...
4. Watching the little bastard sleep so you can refrain from the first three things for at least seven good hours.


Blogger Raybeard said...

Yes, but think of all the compensations, Brett - which I'm sure you do. In this pic she looks positively POSSESSED! Must be the scampish mood she's been caught in, with you teasing her.

July 24, 2011  
Blogger Princessa lil mexico said...

it's not only happiness.. it's love for something you care about. I know the whole thing as well.

July 24, 2011  
Blogger Ray's Cowboy said...

Happiness is someone loveling you uncoditinal and over looking those mistakes they made. I love my dog the same way.


July 24, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put it in a kennel for a few days and pick it up just before the relatives get back.

What's the dog gonna do, TELL?

July 24, 2011  
Blogger Blobby said...

She's a puppy. Not a fully trained dog. Give her a break. When you were that age, you were dropping deuces your mom had to clean up.

I bet you bit too. Brett learned much later in life: "watch the teeth!"

July 24, 2011  
Blogger Jio said...

Are you trying to tell us the puppy already has picked up some of your bad habits?

July 25, 2011  
Blogger CJ/Rick said...

I thought you had blown out to the North Atlantic. But no your still pampering that pup. Be nice Brett.

July 27, 2011  
Blogger RG said...

Start training this little pup. Remember when you had to be trained? LOL

July 28, 2011  
Blogger cb said...

I honestly don't know how that cute puppy puts up with all your messes in the house!

August 13, 2011  

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