Monday, November 29, 2010

Socially Norm

Many were offended by my comments about being too embarrassed to bring the character of Kurt to meet my Mama or take him to a football game. Let's talk about that.

Can we agree with the following statement? To be accepted in society and get along well with others, we follow a set of written and unwritten rules of appropriate values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. In Sociology, we call this social norms.

Loudly bragging about that big dick you sucked right next to a family with small children would violate a social norm. Similarly, dropping your trousers and pooping on a public beach in broad daylight would also violate a social norm. Social norms govern our behavior so we can get along with each other as best as we can.

When I bring anyone over for Thanksgiving Dinner with my family, for example, I make a conscience decision of who I invite. They are expected to dress and act appropriately. It's important for me to not make my family feel uncomfortable.

Would I feel comfortable bringing someone over that wanted to kiss me in front of my family? What if they wanted to dress in drag or wear their best leather? Honestly, no... I would not feel comfortable.

On the same note, I would not want to bring someone to a football game that wanted to make it a point to lovingly kiss me in front of others to shock all the hetero people in attendance. Or do their best Men on Film impression and scream, "Gurl! All these menses with their tight pantsss on... they can tackle me anytime... they get two swirls and a double snap!" We are there with 93,000 fans to cheer for the LSU Tigers... not satisfy your sexual urges or fight a culture war.

Which comes to my point. If you live in California and want to smooch on your assless chap leather clad boyfriend in a sparsely attended stadium... FINE. You are a brave soul that is on the forefront of fighting the culture war.

As for me, my preference is to assimilate more conservatively in my community. I am proudly OUT OF THE CLOSET, but I do not make a spectacle of myself. Well, except for on here perhaps...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Final Thoughts

Kurt is a TV character that I do not care for. He is not manly, he's manipulative, and creepily stalks others. Now that bully, Dave Karofsky, Meeeooooow... he turns me on.

The key point that the gay mafia is missing is that I would never advocate violence against a real person. That would be wrong. If I saw a "Dave Karofsky" beating up a "Kurt Hummel", I would intervene and kick Dave's ass.

It is interesting that the gay mafia are not creeped out by Kurt. All those crocodile tears were shed so he could spend his dying Dad's Honeymoon money to stalk yet another handsome guy. Is this your hero? Really?! Really?!

I would like to thank all of the people who are privately emailing me with support. Thank you. Let them belt me with their Louis Vuitton man purses while they sing their show tunes. I am still standing.... bloodied... but still standing.

The real reason I have upset people is because they themselves feel insecure about the amount of sugar and twinkle in themselves. That is what this is really all about. I GET IT.

What I also get is WHY certain people have taken great pleasure in giving me a swift upper cut. You've been wanting to do that for years, haven't you? I GET IT. Fine. Get your licks in while the getting is good.

It has been nice to see friends, frenemies, and haters actually have strong opinions on this matter. WOW. Beneath all those air-headed tweets, whimsical Facebook status updates and Kylie blaring in the background... you CAN get fired up about something!

As one General to another... "Good Job".

Friday, November 26, 2010

Some People Pray to different Gods

I walked into a Barnes & Noble today. Shannen Doherty's new book "BADASS" caught my eye. Initially, I thought it was an autobiography. After perusing the pages, I realized that Shannen Doherty wrote a self help book about "unleashing your authentic self- from the inside out" with sprinkles of information about her personal life.

I was so impressed with the book that I bought it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Problem with Kurt Hummel:

Preface: I am choosing to share my feelings about Kurt Hummel (the gay character on Glee) to create an open dialogue. I feel that this character has successfully achieved one thing: dividing the gay community.

I have shared my disdain for Kurt Hummel on Facebook and recently on Jimbo's homophobic cat blog entry. When two individual commenters expressed their support for my viewpoint, I knew this was an interesting topic worth discussing.

What is my problem with Kurt Hummel? His character is so outrageously flamboyant, he makes me cringe every time he is in a scene. I find myself rooting for the closeted school bully, Dave Karofsky, to beat Kurt up. Is that mean? Not in my book. His character drives me nuts!

I'm a gay man. How do I act? Well, I play the manly sport of tennis 4-5 times a week. I don't decorate for holidays. When I am not attending an LSU or Saints football game, you can typically find me watching sports on the couch. In a nutshell, I am a typical male that happens to like other men. I do not live up to Hollywood's stereotype of what a gay male is supposed to be like.

As awful as this must sound, Kurt Hummel does not represent ME. I could never take him home to meet Mama. I would be too embarrassed to take him to a football game. The moment he started acting all nellie, I would have a sudden urge to ditch him. Being completely honest, Kurt makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Do I have deep seated insecurities that cause these anxieties? Hell, yes! I can't help it. I do feel partly ashamed by my reaction to the character of Kurt. I know it is wrong, but I just can't stop myself from feeling that sense of embarrassment. Was I born and nurtured to feel this way? Probably. Is there anyway to help me overcome my prejudice against Kurt?

You tell me.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Do you ever question the point of your existence? You get up, go to work, drive back home, pay bills and do it all over again.

Some of us have time and money left over to enjoy simple pleasures in life: Taco Bell, sex, travel, tennis, Glee, or Facebook. Is this really all there is to life? Sadly, it is for me.

As a gay male, I am not charged with responsibility in raising offspring. My #1 priority is food and shelter. CHECK. My secondary priorities are staying in good health and being physically fit. CHECK. Everything else seems like money and time pissed away. Surely, there must be more to life than this?

I am no more important than a single ant in a great big ant colony called LIFE. I'm just chugging along doing the same thing over and over again. When I think of life like this, I began to understand why old people tell us they are ready to die.

It's depressing feeling like a slave to the human condition. There must be more to life. I want to contribute something greater someway. I am bound and determined to find out how!

Monday, November 01, 2010

She's baaaaaack!

Queue the Twilight Zone soundtrack. As much as I love a good fight with an extraterrestial with plucked eyebrows, I am choosing to BLOCK and diss on the blog.

YES... I LOVE SEX like Jane Fonda loves smoking pot. With my furry ears and manly nose hair, I am built for good sex. Boink. Boink. Boink. YES! YES! YES!