Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mexican Wolf Boy?

I've been lazy with beard maintenance. It's such a chore to trim. No matter how careful I am, little hairs fly everywhere and always clog up my sink's drain. I must act soon, because I am beginning to look like one of those Mexican Wolf boys. Or maybe a Pot Head?

Why am I so focused on my appearance? I have a special reason. His name is Tim. We met at Sidetracks in Chicago for Market Days. He's woofy and warm hearted. We are both smitten with each other. In fact, he's coming down to New Orleans just to spend time with me. Four days. SWOON!

It's been quite a while since anyone has leaped over my stringent criteria. Tim makes my long dormant heart go pitter patter. If I were honest, those heartbeats feel louder than a score of beating drums in Africa. I'm nervous and suddenly vulnerable. I am accustomed to being in total control. Thinking of Tim makes my face flash a hot crimson red. Mommie!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chicago Market Days

When I was in Atlanta last year, I met a bear named Scott at a pool party. By fate, we were both sharing a hot tub together. We got to chatting and found out that we knew this blogger in common. We kept in touch via email, text, and FB. Last month, he asked if I wanted to come up to Chicago for Market Days. In a spontaneous decision, I said "Sure... why not?"

In Chicago, I settled down in a three bedroom apartment where I met Scott's boyfriend Craig and his other friends all staying at the same place. All were typical big city fags... flashy, flamboyant, and fierce each in their own way. Scott made sure we were all well-fed each morning. He cooked me the most fabulous breakfast burrito! Mmm...

They were instantly drawn to my distinct southern accent. It amused them. As we southerners are often subjected to, I was asked to pronouce certain words. They would fall out of their chairs laughing. Honestly, it didn't offend me. I couldn't help but think how dreadfully boring the Midwestern accent is. It's ordinary... bereft of emotion. Poor Midwesterners. So common art thou.

Surprisingly, I was not high maintenance to my hosts. I spent a good chunk of time with others like Bill (above). We were introduced via FB through our mutual friend Chad. He was easy going and very pleasant to hang out with. We enjoyed spending many hours together at Sidetracks (showtunes) and Roscoes.

The biggest surprise of the weekend was how much time I spent hanging with my buddy "MP". Even though MP lives in New Orleans, we hangout only sparingly. In a far away Yankee city, we went to the gym daily, hung out with Bill, and even ate together at Chipotle Mexican Grill. My fondest moment together was when we were mutually texting a shit-stirring buddy of mine named Scott.

This is me and MP:

I was happy I made the decision to go to Chicago. I met a lot of friendly people during the trip... especially a special someone. ;)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane, Ya'll!

It's time. Delta Dawn has packed up her Diva bag and is traveling somewhere far away to trouble others. Four pairs of shoes, twenty socks, four boxers, five pairs of underwear, ten t-shirts, five button downed collared short sleeve shirts, four shorts, three pants, one leather harness, and a Boston Redsox ball cap. Is it a bit much for five days?

I hope my Chicago hosts are ready. I'll try my darnedest to not be TOO high maintenance. When I need petting, I'll roll out the southern drawl. It's a surefire way to cast a spell upon Midwesterners. They eat that honey up by the spoonful.

Admittedly, my heart is heavy. This is the first time I am boarding Boudreaux and Pierre. While my furry rug rats are typically cared for by my Ex Tommie, he is unavailable this weekend. So, they will be boarded for five days. They are not animals meant for a cage... they are my children! I hope they find it in their furry little hearts to forgive me. SNIFF.

Well... bye y'all! This Louisiana boy is coming to Chicago. :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Colossal Picture Fail

People are such bastards. Here I am showing off my new ECCO Yak boots on Facebook. I am so proud of these boots because they reflect my manly butch aggressive essence.

Everyone falls over themselves laughing at the Hello Kitty picture displayed in the background. That is NOT my desktop monitor goddammit! Stop your laughing!!! Arrrghhh!!! Colossal Picture Fail.