Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is it Time?

A good friend places his hand gently on my shoulder. He pauses to take a deep breath and gives me a caring look. You know the delicate routine. "WHAT?! I'm not some Diva... tell me!!!" He whispers... "It's time".

I give him a puzzled look. "Time for what???" They wink and whisper, "Just for Men". My face flashes a hot red. "Yes, I am well aware I have a budding collection of gray hair on my chin."

Well, I am not one to obsess over anything. I am simply NOT a vain person. There was that one time I angrily threw down my fists at a comment troll who had the nerve to suggest I wore fake eyelashes and used mascara. That was the ONLY Diva temper tantrum I can remember.

Just next week, I'll be in Chicago for Market Days. In a three bedroom apartment, located in the center of it all, there will be six of us sleeping on top of each other. For whatever reason, I have already calculated that I will be the oldest. The second oldest in the group is a whooping FIVE years younger than me. Grrr...

So, I am pondering. Is it time? Hmmm...

PLEASE NOTE: That is NOT me pictured above. I don't have projection issues or a vengeful bone in my body. Ahem. ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

On the Farm

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010


Well, I have just completed two pre-requisite classes (Sociology and Psychology). It's been rough working 45 hour weeks and taking night classes for three hours each night. I have had to forego playing much tennis. I did make "A's" in both classes however. :)

Now, the dilemma. Through various sources, I have discovered that the pay for RN's fresh out of nursing school is not as great as I was made to believe. Considering my salary and benefits, I would make A LOT less per year being an RN.

So why should I quit my job and blow a huge chunk of my savings to pay for an 18 month nursing school program? It wouldn't make sense. I am now leaning towards staying in the same job I have held for the last 17 years. STAY TUNED...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

After 10 days, Boudreaux has fully recovered from the tragic slip and fall accident. I slipped and fell carrying him down steps and landed right on him. :( Thankfully, he is now okay. :)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ke$ha is my Drug:

I have gotten a lot of flak for referring to Ke$ha as my spiritual leader. The usual suspects recoil with horror. I hold firm. I will NOT conform to other's sense of morality.

Ke$ha makes me happy. It is simple as that. I have never owned an album that therapeutically brings me as much happiness as Ke$ha's Animal does. It's uplifting and serves as a perfect escape from this dull and dreary world.

Critics of Ke$ha LOVE to poke fun of her SNL PERFORMANCE. Why the hate? I absolutely LOVED it. It was cool... funny... campy! I laughed my ass off when the astronauts began dancing in her video. It made me smile. It brought me joy.

Do you get it? Ke$ha makes me happy. You may scream -- "WHY????!!!" One man's joy is another's disdain. We just have to accept that we are all wired and nurtured differently. Let's celebrate each other's quirky musical tastes... mmmkay?

Thanks Ke$ha for bringing back refreshingly FUN music!