Thursday, August 05, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane, Ya'll!

It's time. Delta Dawn has packed up her Diva bag and is traveling somewhere far away to trouble others. Four pairs of shoes, twenty socks, four boxers, five pairs of underwear, ten t-shirts, five button downed collared short sleeve shirts, four shorts, three pants, one leather harness, and a Boston Redsox ball cap. Is it a bit much for five days?

I hope my Chicago hosts are ready. I'll try my darnedest to not be TOO high maintenance. When I need petting, I'll roll out the southern drawl. It's a surefire way to cast a spell upon Midwesterners. They eat that honey up by the spoonful.

Admittedly, my heart is heavy. This is the first time I am boarding Boudreaux and Pierre. While my furry rug rats are typically cared for by my Ex Tommie, he is unavailable this weekend. So, they will be boarded for five days. They are not animals meant for a cage... they are my children! I hope they find it in their furry little hearts to forgive me. SNIFF.

Well... bye y'all! This Louisiana boy is coming to Chicago. :)


Blogger AJohnP said...

You had me at 'Boston Red Sox cap'.
Have a great trip...the kids will be FINE!!

August 05, 2010  
Blogger Julius Seizure - Jim to my Peeps said...

I shall warn the authorities - on both sides of the border just to be sure.

I'll warm those big, hunky police and RCMP that your southern drawl is double-d deadly and, if caught, they should stick something in your mouth immediately. :)

Have fun, ya big lug.

August 05, 2010  
Blogger RG said...

That sure is a lot of clothes for somebody who is going to be spending the majority of his time, naked and fucking. :0

August 05, 2010  
Blogger Kelly said...

Is that a harness in with the belts? hmmm?

August 05, 2010  
Blogger Raybeard said...

Okay, so now we know what you're taking, let us know EVERYTHING you bring back. Have a fun time - and try not to fret too much about those you've left behind. (But who'll surely be pining for you!)

August 06, 2010  
Anonymous BosGuy said...

I agree with AJohnP... Love the Sox cap.

August 06, 2010  
Blogger Ice John's World said...

Have fun in Chicago! It has been hot and humid around here but I think that is nothing to you comapred to the weather in south.

August 06, 2010  
Anonymous Zane said...

i did not know a Hello Kitty suitcase could hold so much

August 06, 2010  
Anonymous Kevin M said...

One nitpick, a little late: If you wrote this post while in Louisiana, you were not "coming" to Chicago, you were "going" to Chicago.

August 11, 2010  

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