Monday, November 30, 2009

While Eva Gabor moved from New York City to a country farm in "Green Acres", I have chosen quite the opposite path. My reasons are varied. As a single Meaux (Cajun for "Mo"), I have found the country setting akin to living in purgatory.

Being the only one gifted with the fabulous Heauxmeaux gene can do damage on the psyche. (i.e., family gatherings) In a breeder world, you are THE oddball. It is taboo for you to bring up anything about your personal life. If you dare stray from the script, prickly quills rise up and nervous stares rain down.

Simply put... it's lonely being a Meaux. No matter how environmentally friendly you are for not burdening Mother Earth with more human children, you are looked upon as flawed and unnatural. If you are lucky, they'll accept you conditionally.

My Mother has yet to understand the concept of "family" in the Heauxmeaux world. I have tried to explain it to her. She'll scream, "WE are your family!" I'll respond, "Yes, but my friends accept me unconditionally." She'll blurt out, "It's your father! He doesn't understand." To which I reply, "You enable his behavior sitting idly by."

Truth be told, my life in exile was self imposed and rested squarely upon my own shoulders. I was always free to leave. Instead, I accepted my lot in life. If I suffered, then it was my own damned fault for not doing something about it... until now.

At the beautiful Bienville House, I am renting a gorgeous bedroom/bath/balcony in New Orleans from an older couple (Rusty and Al). The place is not far from the famous French Quarter. Here are some pics:

If my life were ever charted, that trajectory would definitely be pointing UP right now. This choice has been an important step for me. It feels like I am now on a good path... to self awareness and happier times.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving on the Horse Farm

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adventures in Traveling

There is a wonderous world out all around us. For the Brave, swashbuckling adventure await. For the meek... relegation to the same old lot in life. The questions we face: Do we continue on the same linear trajectory? Or do we leave the comfort of our shores and sail out to the great wide unknown?

The Siren call beckons me. I can no longer ignore it. I must seek it out... no matter how far or how difficult the journey may be. You see, there has been something missing in my life for quite some time. I am vowing to find that elusive piece.

On December 1st, the maiden voyage embarks. I'll set my sails on the high seas and begin yet another chapter in my single life. May the crosswinds set the course for an interesting life in New Orleans.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fiery Cock Trouble

Don't let the gorgeous fiery red color fool you, my new Cock is one mean bastard! My neighbor gave me his Cock because he had the misfortune of having two. With only 10 chickens, his Roosters were constantly fighting for Cock supremacy.

My chicken pen had been very peaceful with 11 hens. Now, they are constantly pecked by the new Rooster. I feel bad for them when I see them running around the chicken pen avoiding this beast.

Last night, I had to pop the Rooster on the head three times for being a bully. My hens are only half his size. While they are sitting together in the roost to brave the chilly night, the Rooster takes pleasure in giving them each a hard peck. This makes them squawk and fly out the roost.

I was mad, so I put the Rooster on top the henhouse roof. I stayed there until his feathery ass knew he wasn't going back in the roost. He got the message, because he stayed there alone all night. I felt guilty because it surely must have been cold for him, but I had to show the Rooster who was really BOSS.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kelly Stern is THE Winner!

Congratulations to Kelly Stern and his partner Jeff for pulling out all stops to win the Jiggy Whoreoff III contest. Right out the gate, Kelly & Jeff's video hogged most of the votes and held on during the entire 24 hours of voting. Way to go guys!

I would like to thank the other participants who joined in making this event special: Jim, Sean, Robert, and CB (who finished a strong second place). We sure bared our souls, let our personalities shine, and brought smiles to the masses. Isn't that what counts the most?

Special thanks also to everyone who voted and commented. I hope you enjoy this type of blog event as much as I do! Thanks everyone for a great time. ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Please watch all the videos, then vote for a winner at the bottom of this blogpost. The poll closes at 5pm tomorrow!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you ready?

Are you willing to make the blogworld exciting again? Join me in dusting off the dreary and let's get back to shaking happiness back into the world! I say it is time for another Jiggy Dance Whoreoff competition. Do you think you got the moves? Who is with me?

Do a video and post it on YouTube where it can be embedded on this blog. Send me the link by Sunday, and you can participate in the contest too!

Monday, November 09, 2009

HouTex29 Tournament

Well, I am back from Houston, Texas. From head to toe, I am bruised and beaten up. If you see how much I am limping around, you would think I had been in a bad car accident. Playing seven intense tennis matches in 72 hours will do that to a 39 year old body.

I did have a successful tournament. You can check my run through the tournament here and here. I won two Finalist trophies (Singles and Doubles). What is a Finalist trophy? That is a trophy given to an individual making it to the Championship game, but not winning.

I was very close to winning both championship games, until an untimely pulled calf muscle rendered me unable to run. Even after an injury timeout and lots of icing, I could barely move in any direction without extreme pain. Rather than withdrawing due to injury, I played out my matches to give my opponents the satisfication of playing and winning a Championship match.

As for the others... E.Shrew won the Consolation Tournament after both he and Whipping Boy were ousted in the first round. I did have the pleasure of knocking out E.Shrew in Doubles on Friday (EVIL GRIN). The "Devil" did very well in a higher division, but he ultimately lost to a very talented player.

I would like to say thanks to my doubles partner Chip, who didn't get upset when I was unable to move well yesterday. Special thanks to Coach Tim for being such a wonderful host to me over the weekend. He is the one that took the great photos you see posted here.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

When Friends Become Prey:

Once upon a time, a group of individuals engaged in friendly tennis play. Sure, there were bad line calls, diva-like temper tantrums and lots of megalomania. If you were to witness the flurry of text messages flying around, you would think we were all part of the U.N. Security Council.

Welcome to my world where the drama often swirls thicker than molasses. It's a cutthroat world filled with characters such as: "the Devil", "Whipping Boy", "the Bully", and "Evil Shrew".

Peace always held us warring factions together until one fateful day. In a historic tennis match, Whipping Boy and I drop kicked the Devil and his partner in three straight sets. It was a game marred by foes being hit with the ball, poor sportsmanship, and lots of smirking. The repercussions were so bad, that it splintered the tennis group for six months.

Since that time, I have personally had a falling out with BOTH Whipping Boy and E.Shrew over various misunderstandings and perceived slights. I could go into the intricate details, but I'll spare you the drama.

The HouTex 29 starts this Friday, November 6th. Rather than play in a higher division where I have found limited success, I chose to play in the same division as Whipping Boy and E.Shrew. Satisfaction can't get any better than winning the same trophy your rivals are desperately fighting for. SMIRK!

Fate has seen to it that Whipping Boy and I were placed on opposite ends of the singles draw. If we were to meet in the Championship game on Sunday, it will be HIGH DRAMA because our last two matches have been very contentious.

Adding to this weekend's drama is that I must play against my Ex (Evil Shrew) in doubles on Friday. One team will advance to the semi-finals, while the other team is abruptly eliminated. OUCH!

With bragging rights on the line, stay tuned for all the tears and fireworks...

Monday, November 02, 2009

My Halloween Costume

I played Doctor with this woofy patient on Saturday. Needless to say, Halloween weekend in New Orleans was loads of fun. Special thanks to Rusty and Al for hosting me at the "Frat House". I always smile when I am around them and the crew. Thanks for including me during the Halloween festivities. It means a lot! ;)