Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Coon Trapper

How butch am I? I set a Coon trap and finally caught one! At approximately 1:30am this morning, the elusive killer was caught. The raccoon managed to escape the trap on three previous occasions. Greasing the trap door with lots of Vaseline finally did the trick.

The raccoon lunged and hissed at me when I got too close with the camera. I screamed like a big sissy. I probably woke up the whole neighborhood. LOL. Hey, you would have screamed too. These things are vicious!

Don't worry... I will not kill the raccoon. There is a part of me that has a soft spot for every living creature. She will be carted FAR AWAY from people. Preferably a swamp. This option would allow me to hold the moral high ground. I will go to bed tonight with a huge sigh of relief.


Blogger Raybeard said...

So pleased that it's not going to be 'terminated'. As someone who shares your respect and affection for other living beings I recommend that you tell it firmly but gently to "Never come back!" There you are - problem solved! ;-)

August 16, 2009  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Kill or be killed. If how you kill it is what bothers you, I aways prefer drowning the rodents.

(Just make sure the little suckers can't swim.)

August 16, 2009  
Blogger RG said...

Glad you're going to send her far, far away.

Scrawny little thing for a raccoon. You'd think it would have a bit more heft on it, you know, after eating all those chickens.

August 16, 2009  
Blogger Blobby said...

Even for a varmint - he's kind of cute. He looks scared.

I, for one, am glad you won't kill him.

August 16, 2009  
Blogger Larry Ohio said...

Keep setting the trap. I'm sure he has friends.

August 16, 2009  
Blogger S said...

I thought it said poon trapper when I first read it.

August 16, 2009  
Blogger Tony (LT) said...

Greasing the trap door with lots of what you do best, I always say. ;-)

August 16, 2009  
Anonymous john said...

Hey Brett,
That coon is a young one. There's a big mama around there someplace that's been doing all the killing. Keep trapping.

August 16, 2009  
Blogger cb said...

I'm sorry about all your chickens. Hopefully the new enclosed coop will help, and hopefully you have also caught the predator.

August 17, 2009  

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