Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Viva La Resistance!

Psst... have you ever wondered what bloggers are really like in person? While it is widely accepted that we are gifted in the art of written communication, the reputation of bloggers is that many of us have limited social skills.

A week ago, I was put to the test if I could pass for a normal person. I visited a longtime reader of this blog. He was all giddy that a famous blogger (his words) was sitting on his couch with his toy poodle in their lap. He told me that he really enjoyed my blog because it made him laugh. I told him that I was thrilled to hear that, because the rumor going around is that my crazy blog makes others feel normal. He neither confirmed nor denied it. He simply smiled.

This past weekend, a couple from Fort Lauderdale approached me at the Bourbon Pub. Are you Brettcajun?, they asked. Why...yes I am, I replied back. They were genuinely thrilled to meet me. I am quite sure I gave them a bigger Brettcajun experience than they expected. Hey, if you are a loyal reader and take the time to talk to me, I am going to make it worth your while.

Which comes to my point: bloggers are real people too. We have feelings and emotions just like anyone else. Contrary to popular belief, physical contact with the real world is just as important to us. Perhaps we do spend too much time thinking, writing, or daydreaming. But that is what makes us special.

I am proud of this blog. I love every friend I have met as a
result of it. Despite what others may think, I have made true friends for life that I'll always cherish. I will not bow down and end something that brings me endless happiness. Viva La Resistance!


Blogger A Lewis said...

And having met you, I can't think of a nicer man to have spent a short amount of time with. I'm looking forward to making a little longer next time we're together.


April 14, 2009  
Blogger RG said...

And yet, you haven't visited Boston yet!

Of course I haven't visit Louisiana either.

And my word verification is: disco

April 14, 2009  
Blogger -Tony- said...

I'm hoping to see you again....and often!

Besides, I have a set of guns to show off for you!

April 14, 2009  
Blogger Kyle said...

but, but, but.. I was special, right? :)
You keep on blogging away honey, you are spreading ..... JOY! all over the planet!

April 14, 2009  
Blogger Donnell said...

I have only met one blogger and that was you and you were nice as nice can be. You gave me theatre tickets and we met for drinks later. Sadly we didn't meet for more then that.

I have missed blogging and so I have started my own back up again, where I'm trying some new stuff out.

thanks for being you, a good man.

April 14, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to have met you this weekend. Too bad you were sleepy!!!!!

Just remember what a catholic boy never wears!!

April 14, 2009  
Blogger Mark in DE said...

Its true - many of us bloggers are just too fabulous to be limited to real life. We must also have blogs as an outlet for our fabulosity. You know what I mean.

April 14, 2009  
Blogger Ur-spo said...

that must be a thrill, to be recognized in public as a blogger.
I would like to meet everyone on my blog list.

April 15, 2009  
Blogger AJohnP said...

I'm in agreement with RG...although you've yet to visit Boston and we've yet to visit Louisiana - we're both VERY real people. :-)
Real people who would roll out the red carpet (does Fritz have a red carpet?) if you were to ever come up this way!!

April 15, 2009  
Blogger Homer said...


April 15, 2009  
Anonymous jimbo said...

I can attest that Brett is highly socially adjusted for a blogger. Especially compared to TJ or someone like that.

April 15, 2009  
Blogger Moby said...

Of course we love you peaches. Hard head and all.

And who said you had to stop blogging?

April 15, 2009  
Anonymous Chris said...

You only do this blog to get laid.

April 16, 2009  

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