Thursday, January 31, 2008

My First Video Podcast of 2008

Blogging from Heaven

I've left the land of the living at approximately 10:00pm Central last night. Yup. I committed suicide. For real! I could not deal with back to back losses on the tennis court last night.

The worst one was losing to Whipping Boy for the first time in years. It was a close match, but I lost 7-6, 6-4. You do NOT lose to your Whipping Boy. Then to top off a crappy night, I lost for the umpteenth time to Monte. I do not understand my futility against him. It's unexplainable. So, I couldn't take it anymore. Bullet to the head.

Heaven is actually kind of a cool place. Do you know that everyone Jiggy Dances here? They do! I am already in first place in my Jiggy Dance division. Sure... it's a lower division. One day I aspire to go up the ranks and Jiggy Dance against Jesus Christ himself.

Right now I am sitting in the principal's office. I have been here for less than 24 hours and they are already talking about booting me back down to the land of living. Who me? What have I done?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crinkly Former Beauty Pageant Winner

You were once a Beauty Pageant Winner. Now, all of your pictures feature your crow's feet. What is a young maiden to do? Must you now stand 10 feet back from photographers? Must you forever be cast away and banished to a Photoshop World?

Crinkly Former Beauty Pageant Winner (Not Photoshopped)



After five days of waiting for the results to finalize, I am a very happy Debutante! Many of you are probably not in the least bothered by crow's feet, but mine really bothered me. Just click on that first pic and zoom up close for a frightening look.

The BEFORE pic was chosen for a reason. It was originally meant to show my scruff, but then someone commented... "Whoa... would you look at the size of those hideous crow's feet?!". Yep. You did this to me. Feel guilty? If I were honest, I'd admit that I had been cringing for a year whenever I saw them in pictures. 

Now, I am not advocating any of you get little pricks to cure your own crow's feet. This is a very personal decision that only YOU can make. I just know that I am a very happy person after mine were youthfully restored by the miracle of science. Do I sound like a cosmetic commercial?

I did personally get a lot of flack from even writing about something that most would not typically bring up in conversation. That's my fault for trying to be too REAL on this blog.

Thanks to my wonderful other half blabbing to our buddies, I am now greeted with -- "LOOK... IT'S BOTOX BETTY!" Fine. I'll get over the name calling... eventually. I'll just call them "CRINKLY OLD MEN". :P

Monday, January 28, 2008

My World Tour

I am calling it, the "Losing is for Losers! 2008 World Tour". I will be in the following places across the U.S.:

Fort Lauderdale: February 14-18
Austin: March 13-16
Orlando: April 3-6
New Orleans April 18-20
Dallas: October 11-13
Houston: November 7-9

I have a pretty exhaustive tennis tournament schedule this year. I would not have made these plans if I did not think I have a pretty good chance to win several championships. My game is pretty solid. (My idol is Sharapova.) I have an aggressive style of play that is going to run over the meek.

Why am I so confident that I will do well in 2008? Experience and hard work baby! I have regularly subjected myself to playing impressive competitors such as the Office Guy, Monte, and members in my League. Sure, they have drubbed me quite a bit... but I am quickly catching up to their skills. I had to convince my ego that all these LOSSES to better players were necessary if I wanted to get better.

I can see a vast improvement in my game. Just ask poor Monte, who struggled mightily yesterday. Every time I was in front of the net, he seemed to panic and swing at nothing but air. Scared of the raging Cajun? Too much testosterone on the court for you? Yesterday, Monte eeked out a 6-4, 6-4 win. He probably thanked his lucky stars for one last win before the reign of Brettcajun, the bastard tennis foe, begins. ;)

In a more pressing matter, I need to make a decision as to what I am going to wear for these tournaments. YES... when you have fans in the grand stands watching you play the big matches... you have to dress to impress. Which puts me in a quandary. Do I continue to don Addidas and Boiish because I like their styles? Or do I ... GASP!... change who I am loyal to?

Any suggestions for fab tennis outfits?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mystic Krewe of Barkus

Mardi Gras is kicking into high gear in New Orleans. My favorite parade is the Mystic Krewe of Barkus. This year, there were 1,000 dogs in the parade. We were with Brian and Greg and watched from the sidewalks with our rugrats.

King of Barkus

Queen of Barkus

E.Shrew kisses Beauregard

Me and E.Shrew with Boudreaux and Pierre
The kids played well together with the young pups.
Greg and Boudin
Brian and Boudin

Boudin the Boxer Pup was tuckered out.

A Happy Dream

I rarely dream much anymore. I am usually up around 5am most mornings, so I often skip the perfect time to remember dreams. But I did remember a happy dream this morning! 

I dreamed that I found a bunch of my High School graduating class seated in a row of tables attending some reunion dinner. I just happened to be eating at the same restaurant. When I began to recognize the faces of my former classmates, I jumped up and personally greeted each and every one of them. 

I knew their names. I confidently said, "Hi. Remember me? I am Brett -------". I beamed with confidence each and every time I saw and recognized a familiar face. I even greeted a high school girl I actually had a crush on. They all seemed to be astonished by my assertive nature themselves. Especially, since I was always a quiet one.

My dream ended after I had greeted and named over 30 classmates. I even astonished myself for having such a great memory. I woke up next to Boudreaux and Pierre nestled in my arms. The Shrew was knocked out, of course, sleeping next to me. I was smiling. The Happy Dream confirmed what a wonderful transformation that has happened. I am not that same shy boy I once was.

Just look at me today. I am playing tennis with Monte at City Park. He is one of five tennis buddies I can pick up the phone and call to play. Afterwards, we are going to bring Boudreaux and Pierre to the Krewe of Barkus Parade in the French Quarter. There we will meet Brian and Greg and their baby boxers all dressed up for the parade.

Not bad for the boy who thought no one would show up on the Groom's side of his wedding, huh?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

By Request

A few of you requested that I post a color version of a pic that was on my blog last week. The pic is of me shirtless up in the hayloft.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Give Me Botulism or Give Me Death!

It has been exactly 14 years ago today since I was dragged by my left ear to the Elder Gay Council (EGC). Cruella Deville, as I call her, chose to be my Elder Gay Sponsor. She plucked me away from my parent's home and was determined to teach me the mysterious ways of the gay world. It did not take her long to find out that I would be a "problem child".

By the fifth day in her care, Cruella Deville was ready to choke her young Gaydi apprentice. She rushed me in the dead of night to the EGC. As I lay there naked and stripped of my fine clothes, I was barraged by a litany of scoldings from the Elder Gays. They warned me that one day my narcissism would be my undoing. I was begged to not give in to the powers of the Vain Side. It would only drive me insane as I became an older gay.

Flashback to the present. Here I sit with my ghastly crow's feet mocking me in the mirror. They used to be tiny bird footprints. Now they are full sized T-Rex tracks! Must I now go through life without ever cracking a smile? Has Father Time reduced me to only greeting my friends with pursed lips now?

CJ, a HOT Daddy Bear, even offered me his services with a workaround solution to my crow's feet. I laughed lots... before I cried.

What about my blog career? Am I forever banished to live out the rest of my life in a Photoshop World? Or do I take the plunge and go under the needle? Stay tuned for the "Return of the Gaydi".

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Slow Down Sally

I have been driving myself nuts this morning. It is almost like I want to burn a hole in my pocket. Should I fly to Fort Lauderdale in February and extravagantly spend money on a hotel and rental car for a four day tennis tournament? Or what if I just go to Dallas instead? What about that $1,600 contraption my dentist was pimping that will help me stop grinding my teeth at night? Better yet... I would pay a small fortune to get rid of these ghastly crow's feet! They mock me in the mirror every fucking time I look.

Dammit Sally... slow down. Stop trying to find ways to spend money! Don't you remember the feeling of that debt noose tightly around your neck? It is NOT a good feeling is it? Why put yourself through that again? What's my cycle? Oh yeah... I travel and spend lots during the first part of the year, then cry poor when the balances build back up. Try to do better this year dumbass!

My inspiration for today's craziness is to look at a picture of my Great Great Grandmother Theotise. This is really her. Cuz I'm REAL like that. Grandma Theotise would not approve of my frivolous spending. Grandma, if I could only go back in time I would gladly buy you new dresses and a brand spanking new eight room $3,000 house. You probably needed it more than I do.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Championship Tough?

On MLK day, I waxed Whipping Boy 6-2, 6-2. I played very well. My serves and strokes were hard, and my hustling was second to none. My game is tight. I am confident I will win a Championship in either Austin or Orlando coming soon in 2008.

The one area I need to work on is my game management. I should know very easily what style of play works the best for me. I need to stick to it. Although this wasn't the case tonight, I have a bad habit of playing up to my competition or down to my competition. I also need to work on making better choices of when I rush the net. My nature compels me to rush the net almost every single time, but I foolishly give up some points to those skilled enough to place the ball past me.

I am going to work hard to fine tune my game plan in the next few weeks. The big Austin tournament is only 8 weeks away! I can taste that Championship!

The Queen's Cup Standings:
1. Monte (6-0) 1.00
2. Brettcajun (9-7) .563
3. Heath (3-3) .500
4. Whipping Boy (1-5) .166
5. E.Shrew (1-5) .166

Is My Prescription Killing My Personality?

It's been three months since I began taking Adderall XR. There have been ups and downs as a result of taking this medication. The winner is my job. I am more focused. I don't have a ton of projects on my desk opened but not yet completed. I am Mr. Robotron Efficiency Worker. Mundane tasks, which I once avoided like the plague, are now steamrolled over.

The loser would have to be my relationship. Apparently, when you are so pumped up on endorphins, your insecurities and wimpiness goes by the wayside. In fact, it becomes downright impossible for your significant other to influence your emotions anymore. You are no longer a silly human where weaknesses such as feelings and insecurities rule your world. In a nushell, your partner will think you are a cold bitch from hell with not a smidgen of a personality left!

This really becomes apparent when you are suddenly well behaved AND quiet at your local watering hole. You no longer crave to be the center of attention. You don't put on your monkey suit and clap your cymbals together to amuse your friends. You rarely drink much at all because you don't need to. You don't tug on stranger's nipples or grab their crotch anymore. In fact, you don't really care if anyone is checking you out. Validation of your hotness is no longer needed. Afterall, you are no longer human.

But at what price? Is the imperfect me far better for my relationship and friends? Or do I put what's best for me above their needs? Hmm...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Up in the Secret Hayloft

When I was a young boy, I used to go up and play in the red barn hayloft. It was an exciting adventure. I would move the metal ladder with special hooks and attach it to an opening 10 feet above. My heart pounded as I climbed up the ladder. Hay bales lay strewn everywhere. At either end of the hayloft, you could look out and see the whole farm from up above.

I always pulled up the ladder so no one would know I was up there. It was my own special hiding place away from the rest of the world. I remember going up there well into my late teens. Fond memories as a young man.

Now when I go back up in the hayloft, I am all grown up. Some would say a full fledged man. Much of my innocence has long since passed.

Where I Come From

On THIS SITE, I plugged in my zipcode of where I was born, raised, and currently reside. This area is not incorporated so that is why I plugged in my zipcode. Here are a few interesting stats:

Estimated population in (2005): 8,785

Land area: 70 square miles
Water area: 0.4 square miles

Population density: 124 people per square mile

Males: 3,749 (50.0%)
Females: 3,748 (50.0%)

White population: 7,378
Black population: 33
American Indian population: 10
Asian population: 14
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population: 0
Some other race population: 16
Two or more races population: 42

First ancestries reported:

French (except Basque): 1908
United States or American: 1102
French Canadian: 625
Other groups: 437
German: 41
Irish: 281
English: 261
Italian: 222
Acadian/Cajun: 118
Scotch-Irish: 102
Scottish: 40
European: 39
Polish: 37
Norwegian: 31
Swedish: 27
Dutch: 25
Canadian: 21
Czech: 19
Hungarian: 12
Scandinavian: 10
Czechoslovakian: 6
Greek: 5

Percentage of family housholds:
Percentage of unmarried households:

Likely homosexual households:

Lesbian couples: 0.3% of all households
Gay men: 0.2% of all households

Median monthly owner costs for units with a mortgage: $852

Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with mortgages in 2005 : $216

Plug in your zipcode or city and share your information!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When Fissures Erupt

Hubris Homo? Megalomaniac? Obsessive Competitive Asshole? Can I really be all of these things? Before you answer with a resounding "YES!", please read further...

I admit that I have been a tad too control faggish lately. My behavior caused a massive fissure to erupt with my other half. You should have seen it. Venomous puss was flying everywhere!

See, it all started when I took a keen interest in improving the Shrew's tennis game. Did everyone but me know what the result would be? Sometimes it's quite easy to make your partner go from ZERO to BITCH in two seconds. I must have that talent. Truth be told, the fissure had been steadily building for quite some time.

In my defense, the heart of my attention on the Shrew's tennis prowess is grounded in love. I saw a lot of disappointment in his eyes during our last tournament together. It broke my heart. Then I watched his self confidence playing against others drop. It was killing me.

When we played in our very first tennis tournament three years ago, we were so new to the game. The only sports I had played was yard football. The Shrew had taken many tennis lessons and played almost daily. He was lightening quick with great ground strokes.

Predictably, I flopped disasterously while the Shrew defeated a 6ft giant that looked like Shrek. I was so proud of him. He then made a valiant effort against a highly ranked second round opponent. The Shrew almost pulled the upset in a three set slugfest. I remember beaming with pride that the Shrew was my partner!

Since that first tournament, I have made a concerted effort to get lots more tennis lessons from my coach (and friend) Tim. Working through my poor listening skills, Tim molded me into one fierce fighting bastard. My skills grew as I expanded the number of individuals I played. The Shrew began traveling a lot for work, so tennis dropped in priority for him. He played only sparingly in 2007.

This weekend, we will be playing in our second "Queen's Cup Mini-Tournament". I am thrilled that the Shrew has agreed to participate. He got lessons from Tim last weekend in Houston and he is ready to put them to good use. I am just glad we got rid of that nasty fissure that cropped up!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Snow Day for Boudreaux and Pierre

The bitter cold in gripping the Deep South. For the seventh time during this frigid winter, I have had to keep my children bundled up inside. Our lows reached 36 degrees last night. Brrrr.... I turned up the thermastat to 70 degrees before I climbed into my cold bed. I found another use for Daschunds. They make GREAT heaters! I positioned Boudreaux under my right arm and Pierre under my left arm. We used our bodies to generate enough heat to make it through the night.

I said a prayer that Betsy, Myrtle and the other hens made it through the night. I sure hope the heat lamp I attached to the chicken pen provided some much needed warmth. Poor chickens. If my Daschunds wouldn't eat you, I would have tried to set up a rescue shelter in my house. I reckoned that you had a better chance of survival out in the blistering bitter cold than anywhere near Boudreaux and Pierre.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to Louisiana Ya'll


Saturday, January 12, 2008

This Cowboy is a Thorn in my Ass

Brian is a great tennis player. He is worthy of his high ranking in GLTA. We played a match today and I lost 6-1, 7-6. I didn't seem to make any more unforced errors than Brian did, but he won in the end. It is inexplicable. Where was my weakness today? I feel like I played a great game, but I have nothing to learn from my loss. I had at least three plays that were so spectacular that I beamed with happiness when I won the point. But no amount of miracles coming out of my ass could have saved me today. I left the court feeling the same way I do when I lose in a tournament. I just got warmed up and before I know it.. .the game is over. UGH. Congrats Brian. I don't know what you do, but you have the magic formula to beat me six times in a row.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Geauxing to Texas

I am all packed up with a month's worth of clothes. Boudreaux and Pierre are excited to be tagging along. Will the cowboys in Texas treat me right? Or will they kick this Coonass back to swampy Louisiana? We'll see. I am bringing my rope and a saddle. Wish me luck! ;)

A Weekend Challenge Awaits

I am driving to Houston, Texas today ya'll. Yeehaw! This aint no two-stepping barn dance kind of adventure. This is a real challenge against tennis rival Brian D., who has a 5-0 record against me. Everytime I think of my record against him, I am ready to spit fire and crack my knuckles.

Why? Because I am physically in my BEST shape ever. I have been regularly playing at least four tennis matches every week for the last 6 months. My body is now so conditioned, that I can run all day on a tennis court. Hardcore muscles have even sprouted up and down my legs, shoulders and back. I feel like a mean tennis fighting machine loaded with new weapons to unleash on some poor bastard.

My last humiliating defeat to Brian D. was on August 4, 2007. Oh, that match is etched firmly in my mind. I spit every time I think of how dominating I was, then POOF... I lost. I distinctly remember playing strong in the first set, but then huffed and puffed to a disasterous ending. I left the court a whipped puppy searching for answers.

Since this last encounter, many things have changed. Miss Fancy Footwork, Brian D., has since won two championships in our division. This has catapulted him out of our GLTA division and into a higher one for 2008. I'd be lying if I said I am not envious.

I had to do something. So, I joined a doubles league locally where the competitors are fiercer than anything I face in GLTA tournaments. I also upgraded my competition. Yes, I've had to swallow my pride and for the time being become someone else's Whipping Boy. GULP! I will not mention his name so his head wont grow any bigger than it already is.

Why am I exhaustively OCDing in all this tennis like a madman? Because that's the competitor in me. I want to win. I want to be the tennis champion I was born to be. There are upcoming tennis tournaments in Fort Lauderdale (Feb), Austin (March), Orlando (April) and New Orleans (April). This weekend will be the perfect test to see if I am battle ready two months beforehand.

Brian D., I have my can of whoopass opened for you! I smell your fear. It's intoxicating. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Open Letter to Madonna

Your Majesty,

I pledge my undying devotion and love for everything you represent. I would give every penny in my possession if you asked me to. Your brightness in our world has been a beacon of hope for many of us. I have worshipped at your altar since I was a little boy.

You have earned the right to be the most famous musician this planet has ever known. The history of the Universe will have you immortalized as the most famous musician in all of God's creation. You deserve it.

As your humble servant, it would give me great pride to watch you outshine faux divas Mariah, Janet, and Whitney in 2008. Watching you send those bitch hags tumbling down the Billboard Charts would drive me to sheer ecstasy.

You will always and forever be my only Diva. You rule my world.



Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Love My Photographer

My favorite photographer did well. I just received back all the pictures taken over a week ago on the farm. Most are PG. Some are not. Tate does excellent work. I am so glad we stumbled upon each other and created some great pictures.

All of you bloggers out there should get a professional photographer at some point to do some pics for you. They have a talent that we will never have. Thanks Tate for your great work! ;)

Today's Soap Box

Pardon me as I step up on my soapbox. I like to think of us Southerners as a free minded people who can express an opinion free from the pressures of political correctness that has taken the culture out of our country.

Why is it so wrong to say what we really feel? Must we all tow the line and began sounding like corporate American television commercials? I think not!

Don't you realize that we are losing our identity AND our culture when we succumb to this?

Stop the political correctness insanity. Speak your mind. Be proud of who you are and what you believe.

I'm done. That's all. You can go.

Hooray for Hillary!

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton for winning the New Hampshire Democratic Primary!!! She is now only one delegate vote behind the flashy and feel good candidate Obama. Apparently, substance and experience counts for something in New Hampshire. THANK YOU.

By the way, I have always been a Hillary Clinton supporter even when it wasn't cool in the land of DailyKos and other progressive circles. I suddenly have an urge to hear Barbara Mandrell croon, "I was country, when country wasn't cool". :)

It is going to be real interesting to see how my home state of Louisiana votes. It has been real embarrassing for me to live in a Republican stronghold. I don't know why, but all these deer and duck hunters in my state seem to be staunch Republicans. You commonly hear their wives say, "my husband would kill me if I voted for Hillary".

I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's ship sinks in the South though. I think a smart strategist would be pushing the Muslim name thing. Create a dirty campaign mailout a week before the vote. Put conspiracy theories in voters minds. That would probably work well here. No offense to Muslims. Politics is a game where often the end justifies the means.

It'll be interesting who actually gets the votes in the South. We always seem to be real deciders in Presidential elections anyway. I just want Hillary Clinton to win. She's the right candidate.

Monday, January 07, 2008


LSU 38, Ohio State 24

I am so proud to be an alumnus of Louisiana State University. This is the second BCS National Championship LSU has won since 2003. Overall, this is the third Championship in school history since LSU's great 1958 team. No other team has won two BCS National Championship trophies since it's inception. WAY TO GEAUX TIGERS!!!!


We captured this picture of the Superdome at 6pm Central. The game is on Fox at 7pm Central. Post any comments about the LSU vs. Ohio State game here. GEAUX TIGERS! KICK THEIR ASS!

Before the Buckeye Tears

Did you know that a buckeye is a nut? Yep. It's true. Wikii it. Apparently, indians thought the nuts on the Aesculus glabra tree species looked like a buck's eye. Now the Ohio state tree is called the "Ohio buckeye". Some Ohio State fan showed me his two nuts at the Bourbon Pub yesterday. They were larger than acorns, but smaller than mine.

Here is another nut:

Typical SEC fan ready to kick your Yankee ass:

More facts:

Ohio State is 0-8 against SEC teams in bowl games. Rumor is that the Big Ten is overrated AND slow. I personally think they are as soft and squishy as Snuggle the Bear is.

After tonight's game, the SEC will hold a fantastic 7-2 bowl record this year. Don't you think that effectively demonstrates the SEC's superiority and dominion over the college football world? I do! :) 


Gameday: LSU vs. Ohio State

The BCS Championship Game is today! #1 Ohio State vs. #2 LSU. The French Quarter is PACKED with Ohio State and LSU fans. Yesterday, the electricity in the crowd made it feel like Mardi Gras. I will try to take many pics today in the French Quarter of the festivities.

My two favorite things: LSU and Bud Light

Me and Greg at Allstate BCS Fanfest

LSU Banners are Flying Everywhere

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Beauregard and Boudin

B & G have new babies to house train and take care of now. Meet six weeks old Beauregard and Boudin:

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Queen's Cup Mini-Tournament

For the first time ever, I managed to get four participants together at the same time to play in a mini-tournament . Game One: Monte vs. Heath. Game Two: E.Shrew vs. Brettcajun. The winners would then play each other in a championship game, while the losers would duke it out for respectability.

In Game One, Monte thrashed Heath 6-0, 6-0. I was personally shocked by this result. This was their first meeting ever, but Heath had the misfortune of having to play with a different racquet because he popped his strings earlier in the week. In Game Two, I beat E.Shrew 6-2, 6-3.

In the championship game, Monte served great and won all the close matches to beat me 6-2, 6-2. I DID outduel him at the net though. Heath managed to outlast E.Shrew and won 6-3, 6-4.

This was a lot of fun and I hope we do it again. These are the latest standings:

The Queen's Cup Standings:
1. Monte (6-0) 1.00
2. Brettcajun (8-7) .533
3. Heath (3-3) .500
4. Whipping Boy (1-4) .200
5. E.Shrew (1-5) .166

Friday, January 04, 2008

Do you pack like a Diva when going away for the weekend?

I had an absolute tragedy this morning. After the second group of clothes were attached, my clothes hook in my Torrent broke off! OH SHIT. NOOOOOO! I still had at least 5 more shirts to attach. Son of a Bitch!

Was this a warning sign that I have a problem? I think so. I simply cannot go anywhere for the weekend without packing too many clothes. I typically bring two belts, three pair of shoes, four blue jeans, a couple fancy shirts and pants, and a TON of t-shirts.

I swear I am not crazy. I have my reasons. First of all, I like to have a selection to choose from. Typically that's tight-fitting and loose fitting shirts and pants. If I am piggie on a particuliar day, I can't wear those skin tight t-shirts. I can literally look pregnant one day, and then look like I had an abortion the next.

With the unwelcomed cold weather, I have had to pack warm clothes for at night when it is bitterly cold. Since our day time temps are supposed to return to the 70's, I have also had to pack short-sleeve shirts.

My Other Half definitely has a pet peeve with me with the sheer number of clothes I bring over to his French Quarter Condo. Making three trips back and forth from my parked vehicle to "move in" for the weekend is kind of cringeworthy. He just rolls his eyes at my Mariah Carey-like tendencies.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Flossy Flossy

It was finally time to get a second bed for my new house. I had two other beds in storage, but the furniture style was not what I wanted in my home. So, I got a new Mission Style bed from Bassett after Christmas. The bed was only $480. The fancy pillows and sheets from Linens 'n Things actually cost almost as much as the bed itself. I splurged because Santa was good to me and I wanted to have a really nice guest room. It's funny. Ever since I bought the bed and sheets, I have spent every night in the guest room. Is this so wrong?

Special thanks to Tate for the picture you see in this post. You'll soon be seeing brand spanking new images of me thanks to this GREAT photographer. His photography site is HERE. Tate has leaked a few images from our recent photo shoot, and I am excited about what I have seen so far. If you are interested, he has a crazy travel schedule all over the U.S. Tate is bound to be in a town near you in 2008.