Friday, June 20, 2008


Your friends are trying to get you help. You've played so much tennis that you are no longer the muscle bear you once were. The first feeling is denial. Then you get mad and lash out.
"Look you fuckers! My pudgy gut couldn't have fit in these swim trunks without the TEN hours of intense tennis cardio each week!"
Then you feel guilty for going off on your buds. After all, they are only concerned for you for Christ's sake.

Okay... I'll consider balancing my extreme tennis regimen with gym workouts starting next week. While I am loving my rare flat stomach, I still want to be WOOFY.


Blogger Steven said...

You always look hot no matter what you're (barely) wearing.

June 20, 2008  
Blogger J.P. said...

Oh, you're still WOOFY. Oh yeah.

June 20, 2008  
Blogger mikeinbama said...

You look amazing. Everytime I want to count you out as crazy cajun, you post hot pictures of yourself and everything goes right out the window.

All I have to say is, DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

June 20, 2008  
Blogger Brent said...

Those are some hot pix of a hot guy!!! Good on you keep that flat stomach as long as you can... 40 isn't that far away.

June 20, 2008  
Blogger Lewis said...

Hey, did you pick out those colors yourself? I'm diggin' them. Have a super great hot cool day.

June 20, 2008  
Blogger Timmy said...

You look WOOFALICIOUS! When will you be heading west on I-10 again? LOL

June 20, 2008  
Anonymous Fredo said...

The fools! You keep up the tennis. I'll keep up the drooling.

June 20, 2008  
Anonymous Archerr said...

Damn! Hot pictures!

June 20, 2008  
Blogger Moby said...

Like I told you, doesn't really matter what others think. What matters is what YOU think. You deserve credit for getting so lean.

You don't have to get pudgy to gain more muscle but, you do have to eat better. (That means cutting back on Taco Bell!)

June 20, 2008  
Blogger cb said...

Aren't you the star of a Greek myth??

June 20, 2008  
Blogger Kelly said...

okay, now i want to pull the post i just made with my belly all out and everythhing...and I am a new low weight... but gosh darn... you look damn hot!!! good work!! keep it up!!

June 20, 2008  
Blogger Beau RN said...


June 20, 2008  
Anonymous Robert said...

You are hopelessly woofy.

June 20, 2008  
Blogger Mike said...

You just put those pix up to tease us.... don't ya.

Your damn WOOFY!!!

June 20, 2008  
Blogger Rick said...


June 21, 2008  
Blogger Matt said...

Nice! I'm loving the trunks. What happened to your belly?

June 21, 2008  
Blogger Paul said...

Tennis doesn't cause anyone to loose their "woofiness." It just gives you practice slapping around little balls.

June 21, 2008  
Blogger Jay said...

Love the trunks! You are so hot, makes me want to take up tennis ;)

June 21, 2008  
Blogger Ray's Cowboy said...

I think you are very nice looking. I would not mind dating you.

June 21, 2008  
Blogger -Tony- said...

OK - Orange is really a great color for you!

But I'm sure any color on you would be awesome....or even it's bunched around your ankles!

June 21, 2008  
Blogger Peter said...

Spicy pix! You're really living up to the Cajun in your name. Haha! I'll make a summer-in-the-woods calendar. Will you be my poster bear? :)

June 23, 2008  
Blogger Tony (LT) said...

The first pic is especially hot. and orange does look good on you. much better than purple and gold.

June 29, 2008  
Anonymous Lovesick Billy said...

Dude, from one cajun boy to another, you're woofy as hell. I'm down with Mikeinbama: DAMN!!!!!

July 01, 2008  
Anonymous Derek said...


July 02, 2008  

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