Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Winds of Change Point to HILLARY!

Hillary is now surging to a significant poll lead over Obama. This does not come as a shock to me. The crazy preacher rants that were publicized is harming his campaign. And can we talk about that sub par speech that Obama gave? The sheep were baa baa baaing over the speech, but I was underwhelmed. If you ask other Bloggers who they support, only a small fringe really prefer Obama over Hillary. That's the truth.

You want more truth? Geraldine Ferraro was forced out of Hillary's campaign by a ultra-liberal fringe for comments she made. Shame on you screaming liberals! You know what? Geraldine Ferraro was absolutely correct in her assessment. Her comments reflected reality. I suppose some on the ultra-liberal fringe would rather live in a magical land of gingerbread and gumdrops than reality.

It's a shame you can't speak your mind in political discourse. I feel that same pressure on my own blog. I don't mind. I can flat out disagree with you, but I'll still hug and give you a big sloppy wet kiss afterwards. So, today I am drawing a line in the sand. I refuse to bend. My personal opinion will not be drowned out by the loudest screaming Queens. You can disagree with me all you want. I am entitled to my opinion as much as you are yours.

It's uncool to love me one moment then suddenly hate me just because I prefer Hillary Clinton over Obama. If I diss Obama's speech, for example, it does NOT make me a racist. I am personally tired of the white guilt trip pressure you guys try to apply on me. It's not fair to me. I'll respect your opinion. You respect mine. Mmmkay?


Blogger Ryan Charisma said...

Mr. Cajun,

I agree with you on most topics, including the big, wet sloppy kiss. But please don't say that Obama's speech was "sub par". You're minimalizing the message in it. His message is/was valid. Sadly, he decided to give us this "historical" speech as an answer to the Rev. Wright debacle. Sadly, the speech turned out to be anything but an answer to the question "why did Obama sit and listen to his crap for 20 years?" He should have kicked off his candidacy with that speech, that would have impressed me more. That's my issue. But otherwise, I concur - even for your Ferraro opinion.

March 20, 2008  
Blogger Robguy said...

As some blogs are pointing out, Obama's preacher was certainly no worse than the preachers of the republican candidates.

Regardless, Hillary or Obama, we need to make sure we can come back after the convention and work together to get the religious right neo-cons out of power.

March 20, 2008  
Blogger TheChaz said...


Love what you have to say, and not all ultra-liberals support Obama, I think he's a sham and I'm just waiting for the truth to come out. He has struck me wrong from the start.

March 20, 2008  
Anonymous durban bud said...

It's all going to come down to Ohio, again. No Democrat (to my knowledge) has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio. That's just a reality. Hillary has a better chance of winning the state (also Pennsylvania & Florida) over McCain than Obama. In fact, she leads McCain in the latest Ohio polls; Obama trails significantly in the same matchup.

BUT, the polls don't take into consideration the huge number of Dems Vs. Repubs that will be mobilized this November.

HOWEVER, all of that is likely in jeopardy due to the holier-than-thou mudslinging by BOTH sides. There is an extreme arrogance I've never witnessed before by some so-called progressives that is turning off a lot of people who would normally identify as progressive,

I would be happy with Obama or Clinton over McCain, obviously --but McCain will be our next prez if people don't start checking their egos, stop bickering and face the reality that the popular vote means nothing without Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. Experience, voting records and policy positions are irrelevant at this stage of the game. And politics is all a numbers game, unfortunately. Did we not learn anything from '00 and '04?!?

And, it's in these states, in this game, I believe, Clinton has the better hand.

March 20, 2008  
Blogger CocteauBoy said...

Excellent entry! I feel the same pressures, especially being a minority White boy in a predominantly Black neighborhood of New York City. I see Obama being pushed everywhere... NOT because he's a great candidate, but because he's Black. I would no more vote for someone just because of skin color as I would because of someone's gender or sexuality. If a gay man were running for president, I would be THRILLED, but I wouldn't vote for him just because he is gay. I also empathize with your being labeled a "racist" whenever you challenge or question Obama's inconsistencies, insubstantial stances, and glaring acts of pandering. I want to have an intelligent conversation with someone who supports Obama, but I have yet to be able to have one without the other coming at me from hostility, smugness, elitism/entitlement, and Political Correctness.

Great post! It's a relief to know I'm not alone in my perceptions.


March 20, 2008  
Blogger Brettcajun said...

Are Obama supporters placing guilt trips on detractors much like people used to question other's Patriotism after 911? It feels eerily the same.

March 20, 2008  
Blogger Jimmi said...

I am glad to see Hillary in the lead with the polls. I think polls are inaccurate but everyone relies on them.... They are about as accurate as a Caucus when it comes to measureing what people really feel as a whole.

As for Geraldine's comments. You are right everyone should have the right to feel what they want, but I think when you are in the public eye you need to show some restraint. It ends up making Hillary look bad, and makes her have to defend herself. It's so weird how all these people come out of the woodwork. That bitch hasn't been around in 20 years, and when she surfaces, its to spew ignorance. I am not supporting Obama, but I feel like when this tactic is used it just seems ugly.


March 20, 2008  
Blogger Timmy said...

I was at the gym when Obama made his speech and so I unplugged the iPod and plugged into the gym's audio equipment.

There were people behind me who weren't listening and were only reading the captions as the network placed them and they were getting excited. OK're only getting 8 words at a time that is smaller than a sound bite!

Anywho...I listened to the entire speech...and now how have firm legs and butt (I was on the stairmaster). He is a good orator. I don't think he accomplished anything with that speech other than proving he is a good orator.

March 20, 2008  
Blogger Atari_Age said...


By the by the barest of edges I would pull the lever for - no, by saying it these days, I'm automatically judged. Just note I say "by the barest of edges". I think they both have high potential and tons of disappointing characteristics. Anyone who says otherwise (especially about one or the other being all good and no bad) is delusional, IMO.

Having said that, I'm sympathetic to your point since - in the blogosphere and NOT in real life - some vocal Obama supporters have shown themselves to be, let's say... very non-Obama-ish. Read that as you will. And, as a reaction to that behavior, any strong countering of that shitty behavior, regardless of which candidate's camp it comes from, is something I enjoy seeing.

For his comment, I actually have the urge (not the first time) to give Durban Bud a kiss if I ever actually meet him.

Because, political passion is great - and more of it, too!

Internecine arrogance (or arrogance in general) is, on the other hand, something that needs to be smacked. Not smacked *down* and squelched, by the way. Just smacked, while saying "Hey, Mr/Ms Purity, you're being a fucking asshole."

March 20, 2008  
Blogger Lacey said...

You're so full of it. And I mean that in the kindest possible way. You know exactly what got some people so bent out of shape the last time you spouted off. It has nothing to do with you having an opinion. It has to do with you belittling anyone who doesn't agree with your opinion. You know it, and I know it. Just like I know that you're as cute as a little bug's patootie, you little rabble rouser. Sloppy kiss THAT, Mr. Boi-ish!!!

lacey (you know I lust after you)louloulou

March 20, 2008  
Blogger SouthernTransplant said...

Hey Brett. Obama's speech made me think. It made me go inside to that place where most of us don't like to think that we have. Growing up in the south, ya have to know what I mean Brett. It starts at home with family spouting off negative stereotypical horrid BS, continues on to the playgrounds at recess, high school, college, and it never stops. Racism still exists today, only not in the manner our parents, grandparents and ancestors experienced it and that is what makes it more of a dangerous thing today. You don't ever really know who the racists are like in the past.

Lots of us never actually speak about it and that is what made his answers to the whole blown out of proportion mess regarding Rev. Wright all that much more poignant. We need to pull our heads out of the sand regarding racism and so many other issues and I wholeheartedly applaud what he said and how he shared and has brought a thought to what many think is "past" in America.

That goes on to apply to politics. We need to get our heads out of our asses. I don't like politics simply for the reason that I believe that a politician should not make a career out of it. Is that where we went wrong? There needs to be a new set of ideas and a new blood to prevent stagnancy. A new time has come and I don't think sticking with political dynasties is good idea. I back Obama, not to follow the flocks, but because he represents who I am on many fronts.

Back whoever you think is the best representative for you and remember you don't have to follow the flocks as we live in the USA for just that reason! Peace!

March 20, 2008  
Blogger Homer said...

Brett, if you would give those of us who like Obama just an ounce of respect you wouldn't get crap thrown back at you. As it is, you name call "ultra-liberal" "magical land of gingerbread and gumdrops" "queens" etc etc.

It is a very, very unappealing aspect of your personality.

March 20, 2008  
Blogger Joe said...

I'd have to agree with a couple people on here. It's not your opinion that disgusts people or gets on our nerves, it's the manner in which you express your opinion. Passion is great, but you'll make a better point and actually get people to think if you persuade them that your ideals are better than theirs.

I've been on the receiving end of your abuse many times. I'm happy to have a debate on the issues, but I don't want to be called names and told how stupid I am for having actual ideals that I stick with (I can recall someone defending Hillary's pro-war stance, but now that she's backing down you don't say anything about that flip-flop).

Just a little humility will take you a long way. As far as the Obama supporters, well I feel the same way about them. You'll never win anyone over with that attitude. The same attitude you're complaining about is exactly what you're giving.

Just a little something for you to ponder. And stop acting like a hardass on your blog. I've had several deep discussions with you and I know the things you struggle with. Your belligerent attitude is part of that struggle. Learn to deal with your issues better and you'll not have to deal with attitude in the bar or on your blog.

March 20, 2008  
Blogger Atari_Age said...

Wait, I want to make it clear that I am NOT criticizing Brett for his statements.

In a different environment, his statements might be considered zealous. But in the current environment - DEMOCRATIC environment - his statements are mild and also a barely minimal contrast to the other side. perhaps some haven't taken a casual glance at the progressive political blogosphere to note this.

Would that the kind of, um, zealousness shown in tearing Democrats down be drummed up in the general election. But we know it won't be.

March 20, 2008  
Blogger Kelly said...

I have to say I am a bit upset with the Dems at this point... as we get closer and closer to election day and we have to watch these two go at it, i am afrain main stream America is gonna go with McCain... no matter how the DNC thinks they will get voters out, as you can see by the comments posted here, the party IS divided... so can you imagine how any Independent may feel watching this... and no matter how you feel, there are going to be some Dems who do not go out an vote just because one of the two did not get the nod... Brett, I think it is great you strike up this kind of conversation!... the problem as a whole though is that the Dem Party has divided itself down the middle and the Rep Party has all but picked their guy and is standing behind him... all they are doing is waiting to what happens with the Dems before they pick their VP... and then that will seal the deal for the Republicans... I am sorry I am so neg on the Dems now, but this is a lot of what I am seeing and hearing... shooting themselves in the foot AGAIN!! smooches!

March 20, 2008  
Anonymous Matthew Thompson said...

I take the criticisms of Hillary or Obama with a grain of salt... I am so incredibly happy/excited which ever one wins. We have either the first woman or the first African American presidential candidate. I can't imagine any gay man being disappointed with either... We are talking about a non-White/ Male/ Straight/ Republican for president. It gives me hope that some day even a gay man could be president.

March 21, 2008  
Blogger Tony (LT) said...

God bless you, Brett. But, it's not the opinions people are taking exception to. It's the approach.

"So, today I am drawing a line in the sand. I refuse to bend. My personal opinion will not be drowned out by the loudest screaming Queens."

That is the statement of someone who refuses to even listen to what other have to say. To be honest it's not unlike the statement (on various issues they disagree with) typically made by the religious right.

You can't disagree with someone if you have not heard them.

You finish by saying that you will respect other opinions. It's not respect when you belittle and name call.

Save it for football season.

BTW, just because someone tells you that you are out of line, it doesn't necessarily mean they are behind Obama. You know what they say about assumptions.

March 23, 2008  

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