Saturday, March 15, 2008


Within 36 hours, this was my fourth tennis match. My ankles and knees were sore. The Sun was hot. I had played Kevin in doubles twice in tournaments and he has beaten me each time with his excellent doubles partner Francisco. This was our first singles match ever.

The wind was a HUGE factor for me to deal with in this match. I was so consumed with trying to figure out how to play with the wind, that I just settled for playing my opponent's style of game. This was not a good idea. It wasn't until the middle of the second set that I began to play MY style of play... but would it be too little too late?

As you can see, I am constantly pivoting on my feet. I am hopping, running and doing everything necessary to be in a good position to whack that ball back. That's probably why both my ankles feel shot from all the pressure I put on them. Today, my friend Kevin beat me 6-4, 6-4 in a competitive game. I am glad I lost to a friend. I am very happy that tomorrow he will play in both the singles AND the doubles championship game. I am hoping he wins both trophies!

I am leaving Austin with a 3-2 record. Overall, I won two singles matches and one doubles match. My two losses were in singles and doubles. I felt I played the best of my ability. It makes me feel good that each of the losses came from person(s) that are in the Championship Game today. Not bad!


Blogger mikeinbama said...

When I play on hard courts, I have to make sure that I ice my knees after I'm done playing. Congratulations on your tournament run.

March 16, 2008  

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