Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Cluster Bomb Mass Destruction over the Garden.

The Bonfire of the Vanities

Embers: please don't burn my Bannana Republic fleece pullover.
E.Shrew finds out what country folk REALLY burn in their backyard.
It sounds like a WAR ZONE here in the country. Fireworks are legal in my Parish. Almost every house is launching SHOCK and AWE campaigns on unknown enemy combatants. Never have I known war so close to home.

I originally thought my family was going to have a little bonfire and cozy little get together. I was wrong. It seems like everybody in the neighborhood is at the bonfire. E.Shrew and I had a good time. 

Our dogs are terrified. I am sure they are going to be extra snuggly tonight in bed. Let's hope there is a ceasefire soon. I can't take this living in a war zone much longer. 


Blogger IMNOT2BZY said...

Cool looking bonfire =)

Happy New Year!

January 01, 2008  
Anonymous Jeff said...

I hope none of those fireworks hurt your still.

January 01, 2008  
Blogger Lewis said...

You country boys have all the fun. Happy days ahead, my friend.

January 01, 2008  

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