Friday, November 16, 2007

The Queen's Cup - Dogs Have their Day

There were some complaints about me counting a win against Whipping Boy before everyone knew all the details of "The Queen's Cup". As a result, I am removing THAT game from the standings. Monte shockingly kicked my ass today 6-2, 6-2 at City Park. The match was A LOT closer than the score indicated. I am still PISSED I lost this morning. Just wait until next time! Grrr... Then a couple hours later, I lost to Heath 7-6, 6-3. OH MY GAWD! I am 0-2 on the very first day of the Queen's Cup. Noooooo!!!! 38 games, 4 hours of play, sore as fuck, and I am 0-2. Then the Shrew beat me today after all my muscles were sore. Makes me feel like hanging up my racquet and giving BJ's on the street corner. UGH.

Since all the GLTA tennis tournaments are over for the year, it is a great time to reset all the rankings. These are all the regular buds I play in tennis in the New Orleans area. To play in the Queen's Cup, you must agree to play full matches. Only matches between these players will count in the standings. The season ends on April 14, 2008, which begins the week of New Orleans FIRST GLTA Tennis Tournament ever! Since not everyone will get to play as many games as others, the player with the HIGHEST WINNING PERCENTAGE wins the Queen's Cup. Good Luck!

1. Monte (1-0)
2. Heath (1-0)
3. E.Shrew (1-0)
4. Whipping Boy
5. Brettcajun (0-3)


Blogger Tony said...

Lordy Brett...

You'd think Tennis is a'revolving door'. LOL. Just remember, "he who gloateth to much, has the wind knocked out of him." Laughing even harder. You know I am only teasing bud. ;-)

November 16, 2007  
Anonymous E. SHREW said...

This is the latest as of Sunday 11/18/2007 3:58 CST.


November 18, 2007  
Blogger Paul said...

e.shrew -

Brett -
You're perfectly poised for a comeback!

November 18, 2007  
Anonymous john said...

Which street corner????

November 18, 2007  

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