Friday, September 07, 2007


There is only four weeks until the Texas Open 28 (Dallas). I should be gaining momentum. I should be playing near the top of my game. Unfortunately, I lost to Whipping Boy 6-3, 7-5. I am totally embarrassed. This must be the first time he has beaten me in 2007. I honestly can't remember the last time Whipping Boy got the best of me. It's been a huge drought.

First the Office Guy beats me on Thursday, then I lose every doubles match in the round robin. Now this travesty! I plan to play Heath on Sunday at City Park for an epic battle. He surely wants revenge from my last victory over him. Heath told me just this week that he is playing his best tennis ever. (thanks to a tennis coach) Will Heath deliver my third straight loss? How will my fragile ego handle it?

It doesn't. The losing streak comes to a screaching halt NOW! NO MAS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yawn. Tennis tennis tennis. God you're boring. Bye bye Old and Wrinkly.

September 08, 2007  
Anonymous Tom aka Whipping Boy said...

Excuse me Mr. Cajun!!! U just dont listen. I tried to explain to you last night that this is NOT the first victory of the year. You have been victorious in singles since mid-summer against me but you were not so successful earlier in the year. I beleive that even your blog reflect losses by you to me on FEB 2nd, FEB 6th, APR 4th, APR 27th, and JUNE 14th.

So either you are mistaken about your recent disclaimer about first loss of the year or is this an admission that your entire blog is a work of fiction as are so many others???

I think most likely Tabooli that this is a fearful recognition that i am rounding into competitive form just before the Dallas tournament, just at the same time that your tennis game is impoding!!! How many consecutive games have you lost in the last three days??? Tsk Tsk your recent skid concerns me regarding your ability to succeed in the tourney. Something better give as Dallas is less than 4 weeks away.

Stay strong boo!!!

September 08, 2007  
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March 13, 2009  

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