Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rainy Days and Rainy Nights

Thanks Houston and Dallas for sending us all this crappy weather. I am supposed to be in New Orleans today, but because of the weather I am stuck in the house. Rich couldn't hop on a plane today. He'll try again tomorrow morning. I missed the LSU Lady Tigers vs. the Lady Techsters game in New Orleans. I wasn't leaving my house to drive in this weather. Sooo... it's just me spending quality time with my Dachshunds. Pictured with me is my bad boy Boudreaux. Yes... he was over the picture taking.

The Tale of a Crazy Bear

The tale is a tragic one. A friend of mine goes on a date a month ago with a crazy bear they met on bear411. For character development, I'll call this crazy bear "Glenn Close". Well, they trick like bunnies and sleepover for one night. With the friction of one's hand being way tighter, Glenn Close wasn't really worthy of a second date. But... she is in love! The crazy bitch starts putting on her bear411 profile that she has finally found someone to date for the first time in her last 8 years. (Damn... that should tell everyone something!)

It was yesterday that Glenn Close reared her ugly head and penned me the enemy. See... it was my fault the love of her life was not coming down for New Years. Why? Because her precious was keeping my dogs. As far as I knew, the love of her life was single and was not doing anything for New Years. I was paying good money for the love of her life to keep my dogs! Could it be conceivable that your precious was using keeping my dogs as an excuse to not see you? Hello? Don't you think if he hadn't come down for a second date in over a month that the first try was a bomb? THINK ABOUT IT DUMBASS!

So, I am to blame for Glenn Close not having her precious this weekend. She ripped me a new asshole in 50 threatening messages on bear411. My personal favorite was -- "I WILL DESTROY YOU IN THIS TOWN!" Oh my Gawd. Doesn't Glenn Close realize that she doesn't have the character to pull that off? Everybody I know thinks she is a "bum". But you DO try honey.

People can accurately judge someone's character by how well they treat others. Sending me 50 nasty messages because your precious would rather keep my dogs than see your ass makes me think you are one batshit crazy bear! Wait! There's more! Glenn Close filled up my friend's voicemail box with 30 voicemails. When my friend picked up the phone, he got a warning message that his voicemail was full and he needed to delete his messages. Then he logged on to his computer and found 135 emails stating "I have not giving up on us!" Don't you think 50 nasty messages to me, 30 voicemails, and 135 emails in one hour questions your sanity? What's next? Are you going to boil a bunny in his kitchen?

What you have ultimately failed to see is that I held the one Trump card in this acidic-tongued game you were playing. I am VERY good friends with your precious. Why on Earth would somebody want to date someone that rips one of their best friends to shreds? What does that say about your character? It says you are either not all there mentally OR you are just plain dumb!

For those of you who are shaking your head... FUCK YOU. I tried to play Jesus yesterday. I turned the other cheek all day until my face was red. I even wrote back "aren't you overreacting?" in the face of a barrage of insults. Anybody that knows me... knows that my PRIDE will build up until it explodes on your ass if you push me too much. It's best you back off. Remember this... Don't…Fuck…with Wendy…Testaburger!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Look Who's Coming Over to help me start the New Year with a BANG!

It's Rich from Dallas! I can't call him my Evil Twin, because I already have one in real life. So... we'll just call Rich my wicked kissing cousin. This pic was taken in the French Quarter after Rich had a short layover in New Orleans.

I'm a Mac

I woke up at 2:30am this morning. I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for making a very large online purchase yesterday at the Apple Store. I am a proud owner of a mac pro book. (bigger is always better in MY book) Did I do the right thing? Can I really part with all that dough? Then I looked at this again. That made me feel better that I made the right choice.

Getting a Mac puts me on a level playing field with Darin and Adam. With the new technology, my podcasts should come roaring back. God had Satan. The Beetles had the Rolling Stones. Reagan had Gorbachev. Bush had the terrorists. My podcasts always pushed buttons and caused a stir like a trashy tabloid. Even though it caused SHIT TO FLY, it somehow brought a creative balance to the blogworld. Creativity is always interesting. I want to be interesting. Should I comeback on the airwaves to do my jiggy dancing and button pushing?

Monday, December 25, 2006

Gumbo on Christmas Day

On a cold and windy day, Gumbo is the perfect food. My mother cooks the best gumbo. Today, we ate lots of gumbo, potato salad, and cheesecake. Then we posed for pictures in front of the Christmas Tree.

Afterwards, my brother-in-law put in Talladega Nights. When I learned that it was a Nascar movie, I didn't want to watch it. See... I always associate "Nascar" with "redneck" culture. I personally blame "Nascar" for never going on vacations as a child. We were a Nascar racing family. My only vacation as a child was at Disneyworld once when I was 8. Racing filled up all the family's time back then. That is probably why I am a traveling fool as an adult.

Well, back to the movie. Talladega Nights is no ordinary Nascar movie. It was with Will Ferrel. It was filled with some really witty quips. You'll love the trash talking kids! Then OMG... lots of GAY talk. Damn... I was hooked! What a brilliant concept... infusing a movie with two diametrically opposite themes "GAY" and "NASCAR". It worked brilliantly! Go see it!

Queening Out on Christmas Eve

Never give me a microphone to do Karaoke at a family Christmas party. The Uncle Brett who usually acts more subdued will only come out the closet and open eyeballs. Perhaps after watching my sister, her husband, my sister-in-law, and my brothers do a bunch of rock songs inspired me to let my hair down. My sister was booty shaking to Smoking in the Boys Room by Motley Crue. It brought back bad teenage year memories of that whole genre of bad hair bands.

When I saw Shania Twain's song MAN I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN on the TV, I knew it was my turn to represent the rainbow league. Boy did I QUEEN OUT! So much so, my nephew ran into the living room with a big smile on his face to let me know that I just gave myself away BIG TIME. I could only smile.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A nice surprise

Someone comes up to me last night at the Bourbon Pub and says they liked the pic of me in the newest edition of Ambush Magazine. I am shocked. What?! No.. that can't be right. I shouldn't have a pic in the local gay magazine. I went over to OZ and sure enough there is a pic of me under the Baton Rouge Paparazzi section. I am right at the top. There is also a group "bear" pic down at the bottom that I am in.

Friday, December 22, 2006

My Piggie Self

I have been a total pig. I have gluttonously gorged on Christmas M&Ms, Rum Cake, cookies, and even TACO BELL all week. I feel like such a HOG. Anyone seeing me out this weekend, please come up and grab you some big rolls of fat on me. That'll be just the negative reinforcement I need to stop my piggish behavior. OINK OINK.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beginning 2007 with a Clean Plate

Luck? Good Kharma? Fate? Great Family? God looking out for me? Wrinkle in the Universe? Whatever is the reason... I am going to start 2007 with a CLEAN PLATE. I am going to move into my new home with all new appliances. I begin a new job. I have a new single life. (9 weeks and counting)

In a nutshell, I feel like I am bringing in the new year with a clean plate. Life is a HUGE ASS menu before me. I have a multitude of options at my fingertips. I have the ability to make things happen. I could do lots of things and go in many directions. The world is my oyster. I have nothing to hold me back from doing anything!

I am looking forward to walking into 2007 with a clean plate. Hopefully some of those demons and baggage I have been carrying around will be left FAR behind. I feel very fortunate to be in the situation I am in. My life feels like a reset button has been pressed giving me a clean plate. Cheers to a brighter future and new beginnings!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Furry Shrew I Left Behind

When a couple separates, they are not only divorcing each other but their furry children as well. Pictured above is Jack Shrew, who was born a little over a year ago today. With all that gray hair, he is a spitting image of his Daddy. In fact, the moment I researched miniature Schnauzers ... I knew that Jack and E. Shrew would be perfect for each other. See... Schnauzers think they are the master of the house and that you live to serve them. When I bought Jack as a Christmas present, the million dollar question was... can two Shrew personalities live with each other?

Regrettably, the personality department is exactly where Jack knocks heads with E. Shrew. Sometimes they wrestle for control of who is really the master. They are both so damned stubborn and proud, that it almost always ends up with each giving the other the silent treatment. If E. Shrew drops off Jack at his Grandma's house for an extended period of time, you can be guaranteed that there will be some payback administered. Jack will opt for needing his space and spend time in other parts of the house away from Daddy. E.Shrew will retaliate by threatening to drop Jack's furry little butt back off at Grandma's house if Jack does act more excited to be around him. Ahhh... these attitudinal battle royales between the Shrews brings nothing but laughter and joy to me.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mac Book or Vista?

My computer died an untimely death. It was less than a year old, but cannot be resuscitated. Instead of spending money to try to repair it, I am opting to just buy a new one. So, now I have a quandary. Do I get a PC with the upcoming new Microsoft Vista OS or do I join the Darin/Adam/Joe Geek Club and get a Mac Book? Hmmm... decisions... decisions.

Before I make this decision, I have to look at what I really do on my PC at home. I mostly do time wasting things like chatting online to build and maintain my social network. A guy needs friends doesn't he? Or there is the feeding of my ego through all those various sites where people either sign your guest book, leave a comment, or tell me how much my profile or pics made them feel inside.

My PC also allows me to post on my blog and grow my faux celebrity much to the chagrin of my local friends. That's always fun to get a rise out of your local friends. Hey, at least I am capable of expressing myself in written form! I am one of the few Americans who went through a public education and can write well enough.

Let's see... what else do I do with a computer? I often post lots of gratuitous pictures of myself to get those ego boosting comments. What good does that do me? When is that ever going to lure me a future suitable husband? Where is he goddammit?!

So tell me... should I get a Mac Book, a Microsoft Vista PC or a LIFE?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Drunkity Drunk Drunk

It finally happened. I had a weekend with no plans whatsoever. So what do I do? I went to the French Quarter all weekend and got bombed! I could blame it on my friends buying shots. I could blame it on me being a lightweight. Hell... I could blame it on the boredom that had passed during the week. But I got Drunkity Drunk Drunk Friday night AND again on Saturday night. Each morning I felt like crap. But you know what? I didn't mind. I got to see so many friends this weekend... it was worthwhile. All this "social networking" costs money. And I wonder where all my money goes? Hmpfh!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Beyonce - Irreplaceable

This should be the #1 song in America. It is simply the best song out there on the radio right now.

It speaks wonders about everyone being replaceable. If you are feeling like a doormat in your own relationship, then get yourself together and walk away. I am adopting this as my THEME SONG. Enjoy!

"You must not know about me
You must not know about me
I can have another you by tomorrow
So don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Victory Tastes Like a HEATH Bar

I had the extreme pleasure of playing Heath again in tennis. He used to beat my ass many times before I got better. Thanks to Coach Tim's training, I had finally beat Heath the last time we played. We hadn't played in a long time, so I was able to hang that over his head with much delight.

Tonight, Heath waxed me 1-6 in the first set. I had this sudden dread come over me. If I blew the second set, Heath may not want to play me in the future because I was not competitive. Typically, I am the last horse out the gate, but I finish strong. I returned the favor and waxed Heath 6-1 in the second set. That was SWEET! The third and final set was VERY competitive. I attacked his weak left side (backhand) and pulled out a 6-4 win in the third set. I couldn't help but relish the thrill of victory once more. The final score for the match was: 1-6, 6-1, 6-4.

God... I LOVE to win! Thankfully, Heath is such a good sport. I know he secretly desires to kick my ass royally. I have that effect on people. Heath... your day in the Sun may come once more, but it wasn't meant to be tonight. Our next possible rematch is Saturday. I expect Heath to correct his errors and comeback with a can of whoopass ready to be opened. I AM READY!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hot Man of the Day

What do you think fellas? Isn't he woofilicious?

Men in Black

These pictures were taken on Saturday before and during the Plano Christmas Party. That sexy man in the photo with me is the very woofy Rich from Dallas. I like to call him my "Colt Model in Dallas". He's dreamy. ;) You should see his closet. It is stocked up with highly fashionable shoes, belts and shirts. He promised me that he is going to come to New Orleans some weekend soon. I am going to hold him to that.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Do you ever feel like going off on your MOFO friends?!

I have come to the realization that I coddle some of my best friends (including my Ex) too much. It has got to stop. They think they are perfect (which surely they are not)... and it is all my fault. I listen tirelessly to what is wrong with me from the peanut gallery and say nothing back in return. The truth is that they are WAY MORE FUCKED UP than I am. But they don't know it. If I don't fire back with both barrels blazing... they are going to simply walk around thinking their shit don't stink. That's it. I have had enough. I am in a feisty "DON'T FUCK WITH ME FELLAS" mood. TRY ME!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


You guys should have bet the farm on my prediction. This was exactly the score I predicted. Check it out. Gosh... darn it... don't you hate it when I am right? GEAUX SAINTS!!!! 9-4 and on the way to the playoffs!!! WOOHOO!!!! I am back in New Orleans from the Big D. I had a wonderful time AGAIN. Thanks everyone! And... GEAUX SAINTS... the Redskins are next!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Party! Party!

Sexy Rich A Brettcajun Fan in Dallas!
Me and Brian
Me with Whoflungpoo! (he's like 7' tall... but squatted down for me!)

Dallas Paparazzi

Me and Rich

Me and Brad
Me with Brian and Mark
Someone was feeding me a beer.
Brettcajun, This Boy Elroy and the Gayborhood Gringo in the Rose Room.
Brett licking at Adam from This Boy Elroy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006




This Coonass is going to make a prediction for Sunday night's NFL game between the New Orleans Saints (GOD'S TEAM) and the Dallas Cowgirls. The New Orleans Saints will arrive in the Big D and diminish that STAR of Texas. Victory will just be a Brees! (reference to our magnificent QB Drew Brees) The Saints have the best total offense in the NFL. That is almost 400 yards per game. With that said, the Saints will run up and down Texas Stadium and quiet the proud fans of the Dallas Cowboys. They'll leave in the third quarter. This AINT the New York Giants or the Philadelphia Eagles you are playing! Cha-Ching! The Saints will be 9-4 and may very well clinch a playoff spot while marching towards the Super Bowl!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Going Back to the Big "D"

I am going back to the Big "D". I got invited to THE social event in Dallas on Saturday night. Yes... it is a 500 strong all STUD Christmas Party in Plano, Tx. Woohoo! Thank you Mark, Brian and Rich for inviting me. I can't wait to attend and PAR - TAY! Just please don't let me try to swing from the chandeliers this time.

I'll also get to booty bump again on Friday night with Adam, Brad, Mark, Brian and Rich! Is the Gayborhood Gringo Jeff coming too? Hmm... I'll have to cross my fingers. I hope the Tranny shows up again. I want to bump and grind her. Brad had better not cruise her or it is going to be a SMACKDOWN at the S4! I'll try to be a better picture taker this time in Dallas. I know everyone wants to see us carouse with a Tranny.

Well... I fly out early Friday morning. I'll be back in New Orleans Sunday late afternoon just in time to watch the Saints destroy the Dallas Cowboys at Good Friends. Isn't that awful? I am going to indulge in the Big D all weekend and then actively root for GOD'S TEAM to destroy the heart and soul of Texas! (LOL!) Oh well... I just love me some Drew Brees. GEAUX SAINTS!!!

It's Getting Hot in the Hen House!

Miss Goldie looking on. Isn't she beautiful?Does this mini-Sun keep her awake at night?Me giving a smooch to Miss Goldie because I CARE. Does she look like she gives a shit? Probably not. Mr. Rocky the mean rooster who doles out the Rocky Rooster attack on me daily.
It is sooo cold in Louisiana. With the temperature dropping close to 30 degrees each night, I have to put up a heating lamp. On the day before Thanksgiving, I accidentally left on the heating lamp all day. A chicken must have tried to roost on the power chord, because the heating lamp was laying face down on the hay in the pen. There was a burnt black circle that was smoldering when I got home. Oh my Gawd... I could have had fried chicken on Thanksgiving Day! I have been MUCH more careful since.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is God Listening?

I have been having this sensation creeping upon me that God is actively listening to me now. Or is it really me finally listening to God? Whichever is the case, the wheels and gears in my life are turning fast. My life feels like it is moving in an upward trajectory. What was once impossible to achieve is now possible. It is beautiful.

For as long as I have been searching for it, I discovered that there is a place for me in the Universe. I do matter. Don't ask me how I know... but I do know. I can see it all around me. I can see it in others eyes. As silly as I am on here... I do matter. In my own little way... I do.

God has answered my biggest prayer. Thank you.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sandra Dee with OCD goes to Dallas

I got back safely home LATE last night. Mark (Zeitzeuge) has already posted some tidbits and a few pics about the Dallas weekend. Adam posted a pic and submitted an opinion on me on TBE#28 here. The only thing left for me to do is to share my perceptions of the reality I experienced this weekend.

Often when I go on trips (even short weekend ones), I am a creature of habit. I have to get comfortable in my new surroundings and with people I come in contact with. As a traveler, I usually arrive at my destination a tad groggy. That is from OCDing at the gym, household chores, and various farm animals I have to tend to.

This short weekend trip to Dallas was a fast paced adventure where perception would soon give way to reality and truths. The first reality is that Mark is bigger in real life. For some reason, I had always imagined him to being a little man. This simply was not the case. Mark towered over me. Brian was only slightly shorter than Mark. I soon realized that Brian was Miss Polly Positive. Brian has this knack for witty quips that I greatly enjoyed.

The second reality is that Mark and Brian have a most beautiful place with fine furnishings and a Ritz Carlton-like bathroom. Who knew they hid their poshness? I felt like I was at a fancy hotel. They even had a little stocking with GunOil lube and two Magnum condoms waiting for me on my pillow. Aww.... what a nice touch!

One thing that I did correctly suspect was all true... Max is a REALLY nice dog. He is beautiful. He is quiet. He is a sweetheart. He only pretends to be a handful on those Zeitcasts! Mark is truly the leader of this pack. Max listens and respects the deep growl of pack leader Mark. Predictably, Brian is much too nice. Max knows this and doesn't always take direction from Brian. Hey, I have no room to talk because Boudreaux and Pierre walk all over me in my own house.

Which brings me to my next reality. The cat is out the bag. I am not really Brettcajun the asshole blogger I pretend to be. Shamefully, I am really Sandra Dee with OCD. I am sure Mark and Brian were expecting a sex-war monger to be staying with them. I was actually very well behaved and polite. Almost too reserved at first. Well, I wasn't so reserved that I didn't indulge in their luxurious shower. I love taking showers. They relax me. I love being clean. It feels great to be clean. In fact, I think Brian said I had OCD on more than one occasion after I luxuriated in their shower too much. I promise you that I am NOT one of those people that has to wash their hands hundreds of times a day. I DO like to wake up clean, go out clean, and go to bed clean. Is this really OCD? Or could it just be like that I like being fresh? You decide.

One thing you may not know about Mark and Brian is that they are very well connected to the social scene in Dallas. They are like a POWER SOCIAL COUPLE in the Big D. At their wonderful Christmas Party, the place was jammed with people. Many were very pretty. They went all out to make sure the guests were well fed and well drunk. I greatly admired how much effort and energy they put into their Christmas party.

My hearing impaired friend Brian D. met my friends and I out all weekend. He was the MOFO that eliminated me in the HouTex26 a few weeks ago. I was glad I had the opportunity to meet Brian again in the Big D. Mark & Brian and Adam & Brad were so very nice to him. I was glad because he is truly one of the sweetest guys. You can't help but just smile when he is around...

...Except for when Brian D. is beating you in tennis. He picked me up to play me in a tennis rematch. He won the first set 6-2. I remember thinking "he is such a nice guy"... I am enjoying playing him. Then after he waxed me in the first set, it was no more Mr. Nice Guy! I began playing LOTS more aggressive and won the second set on brute strength. On the third set, Brian broke out to a 5-1 lead before he almost choked. With my back against the wall, I fought back to a 5-5 tie. This was going to be probably the biggest choke in Brian D.'s tennis career. He somehow managed to squeak out two more victories and take the third set to win the match.

After Brian D. dropped off the loser, I was back with Mark and Brian. Mark was cleaning the house like a madwoman, while Brian was busy spending all their money on food and drink for the Christmas Party. It was at this moment that I got a call from Adam. He wanted to come pick me up and bring me back to his place to meet Brad and Milo the cat. I was thrilled. He was under the weather and I was getting this creeping sensation that I may actually go through the whole weekend in Dallas without getting to meet them. Fortunately, Adam willed himself to get out of the house and come kidnap me.

So, here I am leaving Mark and Brian's residence and peering at Adam. It was a surreal experience to gaze into his eyes for the first time. I was so moved that I don't think I could even maintain good eye contact with Adam on the way back to his place. Two rival bloggers meeting for the first time and now riding in the same car. Oh my God... this was GOOD REALITY TELEVISION! See, Adam and I used to have run-ins with each other because of my button pushing ways on my blog. (totally my fault) I had poked fun of him on earlier podcasts when there was this great podcasting arms race. I knew we would get past that when we did finally meet. In fact, I dreamed about it.

We get to Adam and Brad's pleasure pad. It was beautiful. I am instantly greeted by Adam's sidekick Brad. A very nice fellow. I see shoes lined up in the entrance and immediately take off my shoes. For some reason, I instantly thought they were Japanese so I was going to follow custom and take off my shoes. I later find out that they just put those shoes there because they are too lazy to pick them up. Adam sends Brad on a beer run. I think they may have a leather sling upstairs, because they didn't let me go snoop up there. Adam said it was "messy". Umm... yeah right. It must be a sling!

So, I am alone again with Adam on the couch. Wait a minute... I have seen this couch before on the blog! This is where he plays video games. Then I saw their famous cool table that displayed all the places they have been underneath the glass. Then I saw Adam's new red fancy mixer which they had just used to make gingerbread cookies. It was really surreal in a spine-tingling way.

Next, I met Milo the very charming cat. I could have sworn Milo cruised me the whole time while I was there. We all kicked back and had a personal conversation about anything and everything. I couldn't help but smile the whole time. It felt like a weight had been lifted from me. All the bullshit associated with "brettcajun" the blog persona was falling by the wayside. We were having great conversation and getting all chumy.

Adam, Brad and I then drove back to Mark and Brian's luxury hotel and had the most wonderful time at their highbrow cocktail party. Everything at this party was fancy. Every guest was well lavished and spoiled with fine food and drinks. I felt all of us were real lucky to be treated to such a great Christmas party. It takes a lot of work to pull something like this off... and it showed by all the smiles.

Later that night, I went out booty bumping with Adam, Brad, Brian D. and met for the first time... the gayborhood gringo. What a hottie! We had loads of fun dancing at the very cool S4 and TMC. I especially liked dancing with the Crossdresser. I KNOW Brad and I made her night! Now, she is going to expect that sort of attention all the time now! It's Brad's fault. I got jealous and wanted her to myself. After beer #8 and a Texas sized free shot (courtesy a bartender), I was "fucked up" trying to find the guys again. We were all kind of fucked up. We stumbled out TMC and went to Cafe Brazil where I tried to order the crepes guapo. If Adam was going to have the crepes gordo, I wanted to one up him. Unfortunately, I had to settle with what Adam was having.

During the next morning, I had the privilege of working out with Adam. Yes, his biceps are 3.5 times larger than mine. (and so is his chest) I let him run the workout show. I basically did everything about 40 # lighter than he did. That was a fun excursion. I know Mark and Brian thought it was crazy for me to go workout while on vacation... but remember... I am a creature of habit. I asked them to come along, but they looked at me like I had two heads. That's it. If I move to Dallas, I am going to carry them kicking and screaming to a gym every week. Don't be letting Sandra Dee get all bossy on ya! ;)

I really regret leaving Dallas yesterday afternoon. I wanted to stay longer at the Hidden Door. The company was great (Mark, Brian, Adam and Brad). The men were HOT. I wanted to stay. For some strange reason, I spontaneously felt like breaking out in song to "Woman in Love" by Barbara Streisand. I am just batshit crazy that way! If you hear anything else... it is all rumor and speculation!

Unfortunately, I had to leave on a jet plane. In retrospect, I should have flown out the next day. I do feel bad that so much of my time was split between the various buddies. I enjoyed every single moment with every single person I spent time with. I do hope Mark and Brian forgive me for being absent visiting others so much. I typically put a lot on my plate (in more ways than one). Thanks Mark and Brian for your very warm hospitality. Thank you Brian D. for the tennis and meeting me out each night. Thank you Adam and Brad for correcting all that was wrong with the universe! We are all going to be the best of buds in the future. I KNOW IT!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Brady Bunch
Me with Mark and Brian

Brian, Me and Mark at the Catalina Room in Boys Town. This was a VERY nice restaurant with nice decor and great food. We PIGGED OUT.

Me and Brian D.
I had a reunion last night with the foe that disposed of my ass in the HouTex 26 Tournament. The rematch is today. I am going to SO kick his ass today in tennis!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Blogger Worlds Collide Tonight!

Tonight I will meet Adam of This Boy Elroy and Mark of Zeitzeuge. I am so excited to finally meet up with these guys and their other-halfs Brad and Brian in Dallas. We'll meet up at JR's first, then head out to the Roundup afterwards.

I am giddy with excitement. But boy are my nerves ramped up too! In preparation for this meeting, I have worked out in the gym everyday this week. Jeez... little good that will do. It is too damned cold to even THINK about trying to emulate a colt model and do my famous licking of my armpits gag. Well, I guess I can always warm up by JIGGY DANCING. I am sure everyone is just peeing on themselves waiting for a live rendition. Uhh... perhaps NOT!

Well... are they nervous like I am? What if Adam's biceps are 3.5 times bigger than mine and he asks me "You do workout don't you?" Jeez! I may be a RUNT compared to Adam. What if Brian tells Mark... "I thought you said his reputation is that he is a bully? That is the queerest motherfucker on the planet!" Or worse... someone says "Damn... he must have taken 1,000,000 pics just to put 100 good ones on his blog." YIKES! Can you see the pressure in my head? What if I just don't measure up to whatever these guys expect of me?

Besides that... word is going to swiftly travel through the Tell-a-Queen network about our experience together. Mark and I have each seen Homer wield the homenator. Adam and I have each met: Kel, Chad Fox, and Dan. There is a whole slew of us bloggers that will be in SF for Pride. With such an incestuous bunch, it is entirely possible that if one of us gets crabs... we'll all have crabs! Do you see my point? We are a tightly knit group. That's a lot of pressure on me!

Folks... it all comes down to this: our blogs are our own public relations venue. We tightly control the message. We show the world the side we want them to see. Tonight, reality runs right into perception. We will see a more intimate view of the men behind their blogs. God... please don't let me flake out. If I just be myself, then I should be fine. Dammit... I should be more than fine. I should be the same handful that I burden those New Orleans boys with!