Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is LSU going to the Rose Bowl?

Well... Pasadena, California... here we come!!! The LSU Tigers are going to face either Michigan OR the USuCk Trojans in the Rose Bowl. Wow! No SEC team has played in the Rose Bowl since Alabama in 1946. Not bad for a great 10-2 LSU team! If this comes true, that means the SEC will have two teams in two MAJOR BCS bowls. A local television station has reported that there have already been 32,000 orders for tickets placed by the LSU Tiger faithful should they indeed get the Rose Bowl invitation. Eat your heart out Tennessee, Georgia, and Auburn fans! GEAUX TIGERS!!! WOOHOO!!!

Snowed under in Dallas?

On the day before my trip to Dallas, there is a winter storm warning in effect until 6pm. A winter storm warning means significant amounts of snow, sleet, and ice are expected. Hmm... is a Southern city like Dallas properly prepared for a snow storm? What impact will this have on the local airports? I am set to fly into Love field tomorrow afternoon. Will my flight be delayed or cancelled all together?. Hmm... I'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Celine Dion A New Day Has Come

I have pretty much been a Monk lately. That may be shocking to those who know me or who think they know me. But it is true. "Just recently single" makes people run away from you like you are radioactive. Hell, even I have been removing myself from others.

It has been a full six weeks since I have become single. It has seemed at times that there are big flashing lights on my forehead warning others to stay away. Your concerns are understandable. What if they get back together? Or worse yet... what if I am setting myself up to be just another rebound statistic ran over on the highway of relationships? You do have a point there Mister Sister.

Well, I'd like to emphatically proclaim right here on my blog, that I am ready to go on my first date. I am ready to dive in. I am sure there are going to be people that fall by the wayside. There always seems to be! But what choice do I have? I am tired of being a Monk. I want to be a Monkey!

Monday, November 27, 2006

A note about that picture... and a few other tidbits

I am not going to post that 2nd poster ad for the Bayou Grizzlies. It is simply TOO RACY for my blog. (Especially since my family is still reading my blog.) You'll just have to pay a personal appearance to Georges in Baton Rouge to see for yourself. If I do get a copy of the poster in electronic format, I may send it to a few choice friends. Yes... it is that racy!

Lately, I have been in a Baton Rouge state of mind. I have been spending my weekend nights in Baton Rouge. It is so funny how you can just pick up where you left off. I have been having lots of fun with friends in Baton Rouge. Saturday nights at Splash doing a group shirtless dance is FUN FUN FUN. Thank you guys for welcoming me back into the fold. It means a lot. ;)

What do you call an Ex previous to your latest Ex? Do they get a number? Or do you just say "a former Ex?" Anyhoo... I saw a former Ex's new condo in Baton Rouge over the weekend. It was very nice. It was funny to see some of the same pictures and appliances when we were together. It brought back nostalgia.

Way to go LSU and the Saints!!! LSU HOGTIED the Razorbacks and vaulted up to #5 in the AP Poll. That means we will probably play in a major BCS bowl. The New Orleans Saints ended their two game losing streak and shot down the Dirty Birds (Atlanta Falcons) to move into first place in the NFC South. I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!

I am preparing for my trip to Dallas, Texas on Friday. That's only four more days to be prepared to meet Mark & Brian and Adam & Brad. Gawd... I hope you guys are ready for the Brettcajun show. It's rolling into town!

Friday, November 24, 2006


A phone call jarred my ass awake late last night. It was from my friend Don. Oh Lord... did someone die? Nooo... the news is that I am once again plastered all over Georges in new posters for the Bayou Grizzlies Christmas night. Or is it HO HO HO... OH WHAT FUN HE IS TO RIDE NIGHT? I am not sure. I know the photo is going to be VERY racy. So, I am going to sneak in Georges tonight and take a peek. Was I sucking in enough? Was I smiling good enough? Did I avoid doing that lip sneer thingee that I think makes me look studlier but others DON'T? Hmmm... the answers to all these questions will happen tonight! As soon as a member of the Bayou Grizzlies gets me a copy of that poster, I will post it on my blog.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Special Thanksgiving Message...

I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all of you are spending the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with your family or friends. If you are unable to spend the day with your family, I hope you at least celebrate the occasion with some very special friends. If you know of someone spending the day alone, perhaps you should invite them over so they are not left out.

It is funny. I used to be real sad on Thanksgiving. It was depressing to watch everyone celebrate the occasion with their spouse and children. Everybody was sharing the day with someone special but me. Why? Because I was in the closet. It hurt like hell that I couldn't share this most special day with the one I loved. I miserably sacrificed my happiness for the ignorance of others. If you are in a relationship, don't leave your partner behind. That's not right.

Who cares what your Mama, Daddy or Sister thinks? You should bring the man you love to share in this most blessed of days. Trust me... they all know. You are not fooling anyone no matter how straight you think you act. You should never put your partner on a shelf and hide him away on a holiday such as this. It is unforgivable and WRONG!

If you sense the power brokers in your family are nervous, educate them that you are not going to make any nephew or niece gay by bringing your partner along. It is not a lifestyle choice. It is what we were born as. Believe me... I know... it just grosses me out thinking about what my Dad and brothers like. I was born gay. I would never choose to be straight now. In fact, I thank my lucky stars when I see how ragged the children in my family run their parents. When Boudreaux and Pierre (my Dachshunds) get unruly, I can just put them outside.

So, celebrate this most wonderful occasion with your family, friends AND your partner. It is truly our most special of American holidays. Eat well. Get stuffed. Go back home and sleep it off. Enjoy Thanksgiving everyone!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Speeding along in life as a freeway...

My life is speeding along in many new directions. There are rapid changes that is happening in my life! First, I have a new house under construction that is almost complete. After initial dread about moving into the new house, I am now excited. The house looks a lot better than I envisioned. Also, I have been through 5 floods in my life. This house will not flood. It will be a smaller house than the one I was living in, but everything will be brand new and it is all the space I really need. Only a great flood of biblical proportions will reach this home!

Also, I have successfully completed my grieving process over the Ex. I have been holding off dating anyone out of respect for the relationship that was, but now I am ready to navigate through the jungle and look for a soulmate. I needed time to answer all the pertinent questions of:

Is this really what I want? Am I sure? What is it that I am really looking for?

And last but not least, I just recently accepted a new position in the company that is going to lift me out of poverty. YES! THANKS BE TO GOD! I will work longer hours, but the paycheck will be a lot fatter. Happy times are here again! I'll feel like Scarlett O'Hara... "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again." I am very excited about the new job. It'll drastically help me not be so UPSIDE DOWN (as my Dad puts it). Now, I just have to work on a budget and a plan... and tomorrow will hold good things for me.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lust? Craziness? You Decide.

Even I HATE myself...

It has finally happened. It is one of those moments in life that profoundly hits you. I go to George's last night (a Baton Rouge gay bar) and I am plastered in full color posters all over the bar.

When you go pee, you have to look at my gnarly ass smiling back at you in a full leather harness and Little John's leather jockstrap. Yes... I am cringing at the thought of people looking at me as they pee. When you go play pool with your buddies, there is me watching over seeing how well you strike the balls. When you order a drink, there I am upon the wall grinning ear to ear looking down at you! It hits you. I am Marsha Brady who you now surely despise. You are Jan Brady hoping I get my nose broken by a thrown football.

These posters that I have my mug on are advertisements for the Bayou Grizzlies Leather Night this Saturday on November 18th. My initial reaction was sheer laughter and plenty blushing. Then it happened. I told myself... "This is TOO much! This is too over the top." Now I get it. Even I hate myself! Who do I call to join my own haters club?

God... it is going to get much worse. Just wait until NEXT month comes. In that photo shoot, I am totally in the buff wearing nothing but a SCRUNCHED UP Santa Hat over Slab in front of a fireplace. Damn. Yep. That is what you will see. Hell, that may very well make me run for the President of my own Hater's Club.

I am not joking folks. I GET IT. I feel your thoughts and your disdain. I am here rolling my eyeballs too. I volunteer to be the first angry protester to lead the march with the pitchforks and the flaming torches. Down with the Slab! Down with Brett!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Brettie Doing Dallas

On December 1st - 3rd, I am going to give Debbie a run for her money. I am going to be in the Big D. I got an invite from Mark (Zeitzeuge) and Brian to their Christmas Party. I had promised them a long time ago that I will be in Dallas before the year ends. The time has come to shut up and put out... or is it shut up or put up? I can't remember. Anyhoo... you know what I mean.

While in the Big D, I will looky loo for Adam and Brad. Of the two, I think Brad will be the one most excited to see me. I talk to that boy Elroy on AOL from time to time. I may be more of a curiosity for Adam... in a strictly scientific way. (Kind of the way Kalvin keeps tabs on me.)

Are you guys finally ready to meet that batshit crazy sideshow that is brettcajun? Have your sunshades ready. There is a whole lot of neon that glows around this coonass. Be prepared. Be forewarned. Have your stungun ready. ;)

Monday, November 13, 2006

If not a beauty contest, then I can't win it!

I am back from Houston, Texas VERY sore. I participated in the Houston Tennis Tournament. It was great to see so many familiar faces and to meet new people. I stayed at Coach Tim's house. I owe my run through the tournament all to his great coaching. I did have fun cutting up with fellow blogger Dean at JR's Thursday night, Joe and Tom from NJ, Bill from Plano, Rex from Austin, Henry, Jacob, Brian D., and many others.

I was eliminated in the first round early Friday morning by some very good opponents. I performed spectacularly well on Saturday as I vied for Consolation Queen.

If you are too lazy (or don't care) to see that bracket... then let me just tell you. I won three singles matches AND two doubles matches all on Saturday. It was an AMAZING feat that even shocked me. After 72 games on Saturday, I was going to play in the consolation finals for both doubles AND singles! I was ONE tired MOFO.

I was a walking zombie yesterday morning before my matches. From head to toe, every muscle in my body was sore. I felt like I had been in a bad car accident. I got waxed in the singles consolation final by a very good player that hit hard, hit well, and spun the ball. In the doubles match, Jacob and I played great but it wasn't enough. We ultimately lost to our opponents. I felt like the LSU Lady Tigers and the LSU Men in the Final Four last year. (both were eliminated and sent home packing)

In all... I played 138 tennis games in three days. I can DEFINITELY feel it! Now I just have to find someone willing to massage my sore muscles! Even though I am not a "cardio" person, I surprised myself that I could play that many games in that short amount of time.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Playing with the Gay Boys in Texas

I am leaving today to go to Houston, Texas to participate in the Houston tennis tourny. Yeehaw! That is only about a five hour drive for me. I am excited. I have been practicing really hard to be in competitive shape. My wonderful coach Tim in Houston gave me some great pointers to help my game.

I just have to keep remembering the following: preparation, footwork, balance, follow thru. On my serve: big circle, little circle, reach up, follow thru. Coach Tim has helped me deal with my tennis issues. See... I workout a lot. My muscles are always tight. I play all tensed up. I can't help but grip the fuck out of my tennis racquet. I just want to use all my muscles to send that ball flaming across your court.

Tim has worked VERY HARD at having me focused on playing more relaxed and focusing on my technique. I have a bad tendency to use twice as much energy as my opponent. Tim is trying to get me to look at my body as individual moving parts rather than one whole tensed up mass. I am stubbornly TRYING to listen and practice what the coach preaches. We'll see how well I learned tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thanks America!

Democracy has won out. We Americans have taken back our country from the Republican fat cats that have overindulged in enriching themselves at the expense of everything else. I cannot believe Democrats are about to have majorities in the House of Representatives AND the U.S. Senate. I have been disappointed too many times by the Karl Rove Republican machine. I am glad Americans finally got tired of the Rove/Bush Act that never quite produced on any promises. I am thrilled that Nancy Pelosi will now be the Speaker of the House. Hmmm... if the Democrats do have the majority in the Senate... who will lead us there?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Soapbox and Truths Revisted

Another weekend has passed. The LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints football teams each won spectacularly. Since I am one of those football loving fags that actually cares about the sport, it was a GREAT weekend.

Shockingly, I am still single. Why am I still single? In my 13 year career as a homosexual, I have rarely been single. I just feel more stable in a relationship. As a single guy, I feel like a chair with three legs: wobbly and unstable. Despite the high fives and jubilant CONGRATULATIONS I hear from others... I do feel like I lost my status for some reason by being "single".

Fortunately, the transition hasn't been as rough for me. I am still spending lots of time with E.Shrew. It is funny how so much sweeter, more considerate, loving, and respectful we are to each other now that we are no longer together. We have also had the ability to be very candid with each other. I know what others think of E.Shrew. Some of your misgivings may be from only seeing a certain side of him that he lets you see. I have spent enough time with him to know that there is a big heart deep down that tough exterior.

Truthfully, I am still in love with E.Shrew. There is no one I would rather be around than him. No one seems capable of even coming close to him for me. And NO... I never picked E.Shrew as a boyfriend just because he has a nice condo only five blocks from the gay bars in the French Quarter. How cold and calculating would that make me? I really do love the booger. I can honestly look back at the last few years with happiness from all that we have done. Even though he may be more world traveled and me a bit more hillybilly, we shared a passion that was as intense as molting lava.

My reputation as a habitual flirter does make one pause at the prospect of having me as a partner. I do realize that it is a challenge for anyone. In my defense, I am really more talk than action. For some reason, I like giving and receiving attention from others. I may have a reputation that I lead people on, but the truth is that it fulfills a need I have. It stuffs out that feeling of neverending lonlieness that I have carried around most of my life.

If you don't believe me, then ask your fellow bar patrons "Have you slept with Brett?" I bet you get very few "YES" answers. The truth is that I am not as much of a whore as you may think I am. Hmm... what's that Bette Davis line in All About Eve... "I'll admit I've seen better days, but I won't be had for the price of a cocktail or a salted peanut."

Saturday, November 04, 2006

LSU vs Tenneessee Game

LSU should have blown Tennessee away. Our offense moved the ball at will. But, after four turnovers, the Tigers let the Vols stay in the game. Thank God for LSU's great offense.

FINAL SCORE: LSU 28, Tenneessee 24. WOOHOO!

By the way, I was steaming mad at the head ref. I could have sworn he had money riding on the game since LSU had 8 penalties to Tennessee's none by halftime.

Congrats to the LSU Tigers! Sorry...Large Tony... it was a great game.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Large Tony... LSU is COMING YOUR WAY!

I am going to once again take the risk of putting my foot in my mouth. Yes, it's another BIG SEC game for the LSU Tigers. We play the Vols Saturday in a HUGE SEC CLASH. LSU lost to Auburn and Florida earlier in games they could have easily won. Either the Refs (Auburn game) or the LSU players (Florida Game) shot themselves in the foot in those games. WE ARE READY THIS TIME!!! That Big Orange Crush may just be Big Orange Mush when we get finished with 'em! GRRRR.... GEAUX TIGERS!!! KICK THEIR VOL ASS!!!

By the way, I am emailing Large Tony a BET on the game. It is going to be a secret. Let's see if he has the BALLS to accept the bet and follow through. I think you guys should pressure him to accept it! :) It is a classic!