Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Head is Swelling...

Well... I made it to Ambush Magazine! This magazine gets distributed to all the gay bars from Austin, Tx all the way to Pensacola, FL. I swear I did NOT write the article or suggest any of the adjectives! I am trying to hold my head in place so my skullcap does not explode. It's oh so hard! ;)

For those of you wishing I would just move on from the Tiara talk... Southern Decadence has arrived in New Orleans. I'll be taking and posting many pictures of the festivities for all of you to enjoy. I can't promise you that there wont be some pics of myself (hey... it's my blog), but you'll be treated to non-Brett related stuff too!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hi, my name is Brett

I am a 36 year old gay man. I act 25 years old. My ancestors came from an Acadian and German background. I come from south Louisiana. (the fun part of Louisiana) I was raised Catholic and I have lived almost my entire life in a Parish near Baton Rouge where the racial makeup is: 77.39% White, 20.28% Black, 2.46% Hispanic or Latino of any race,0.34% Asian, 0.27% Native American, 0.02% Pacific Islander. If you don't count the westbank of the Parish, across the Mississippi River, I grew up in an area that has a 90% White racial makeup.

I live in a rural area that is quickly becoming a booming suburban mecca. I live in a big neighborhood that has flourished mostly with four generations of six families. Most of their offspring live door to door, like in the old days. My family lives in the same area on vast farmland riddled with mares, colts and studhorses. In each of our kitchen windows, we can look out and see each other's houses. When I look out my window, I see a barn, horses, and chickens.

I am an alumnus of Louisiana State University (LSU) and a football season ticket holder. Yes, I am looking forward to the Fighting Tigers whooping some Aubie Butt on Sep. 16th and kicking Fulmer's big ass in Knoxville on Nov. 4th. Ninety percent of my television viewing annually is related to college or NFL football. I LOVE IT.

I have a gay dog (Boudreaux) and a hetero dog (Pierre). My gay dog can beat up your hetero dog. Both are Dachshunds. I do sleep with them in the bed everynight. They are probably the most prized possesions I have. I love Boudreaux and Pierre as unconditionally as they love me.

I am a Democrat. I may be more conservative leaning than my friends. I fully support equal rights for gay people. I don't understand why gay people can't get off those sex sites and put more energy into actively fighting for our rights. I believe we should protest more actively and utilize violence if necessary. I don't understand why we passively allow others to restrict our rights. I feel it is time to get angry and in the face of all these "family" organizations, churches and politicians. We should forcefully demand our rights NOW and stop being pussies. I do not believe simply attending your local gay pride festival does anything to better our lot in life.

I hate to lose at anything. My motto is: losing is for losers! If I lose, I don't just quit and say "Oh, well... I am just not good at this sport." I think people who don't like sports or don't even want to try are underachievers. I admire individuals who love sports and like to play the games. I can be a sore loser or a gloating winner. I take losing personally and I will be hellbent on concentrating on getting better until I beat your ass. I will only focus on why the hell did I let you score any points. It was not your skill that got you that point. It was my failing to let you have that point. I am still not over the fact that my friend David in Seattle beat me in our only tennis match together. I still have a grudge and David will rue the day next time we face off in a tennis court together. Grrr...

Sexually, I am into anything that feels good. I believe in trying everything once... twice if you like it. I am versatile. A tongue in my ear drives me insane with pleasure. Sometimes I like aggressive and verbal play in bed. Other times, I just like sweet loving.

I do have a boyfriend whom I call "E.Shrew" on this blog. We are going through life's adventures together. I love that he let's me be me. He let's me shine and doesn't try to control me. I can live life and enjoy it with him. Our relationship works because we don't sweat the small details. Jealousy doesn't rule our relationship.

I rarely dress fancy. A tie around my neck sometimes makes me gag as I feel too constricted. I do have jewelry, but I rarely if ever wear it. My dress style is very casual. I am a t-shirt, baseball cap, tight jeans wearing kind of guy.

I seldom drink coffee. I prefer ice tea. If I do drink coffee, I must really need the caffeine. I must always eat something after drinking coffee or I'll get nauseous. I can only drink one cup of coffee because I have a sensitive stomach to it.

My favorite bar beverage is Bud Lite. No other beer tastes as good to me. When I feel too bloated to drink beer (i.e., after dinner), I'll drink Vodka, Soda, and Lime. Don't buy me shots while I am in the bar. I get moody and have a sudden low tolerance of everybody and everything. I turn into Mr. Asshole. (and so does E.Shrew)

I admire people who can cook. I have never taken the time to learn how to cook anything but the basics. I do feel embarrassed about my lack of cooking skills.

I am not a big movie person. I do not like scary movies or anything that comes close to C.S.I. I want movies to entertain me. I do not want to be scared, freaked out, disgusted, or left with a bad image of a part of society in movies.

I am a clean body freak. I probably take more showers in a day than you do. My skin and breath must smell good at all times. I rarely go out of my house looking grungy. I think this has more to do with being prepared than any compulsive disorders.

I have written 60 pages to my fictional novel. I stopped writing about six weeks ago. I feel ashamed that I have abruptly stopped. I promise to continue on with it real soon. I want to get it published and make a million buckaroos. The fact that some friends and family are laughing at the idea of me writing a book only makes me more determined.

Have I left anything out?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sometimes I feel like Shit Canning this Blog...

but then I think of why I started it. I started it for myself first and foremost. It was meant to be a personal diary where I could just write down what was on my mind and vent if I wanted to. But then my blog's popularity grew to a point where I feel like a "blog celebrity". Don't smirk. It has come at a great expense to my real friendships. It makes me feel batshit crazy like Mariah Carey must have been in her heydey.

A question that I have been pondering is: Am I really the person that is being portrayed in my blog? I write every single post on my blog. No one else is writing for me! Sometimes I think my blog persona is a way bigger monster than I really am as "Brett". That is a large role to have to step into! I have this sneaking suspicion that people are genuinely excited to meet the "brettcajun", but they are giddy with excitement at the prospect of meeting an aggressive batshitcrazy fucker too! Lord... what image have I built up of myself? How could I possibly live up to the person that is "brettcajun"?

So, I have been thinking about shit canning the blog. I could go either way. One part of me wants to lash out against the haters and personally have a one-on-one knuckle cracking session with them. The other part of me wants to blow the whole blog up and say SCREW IT! But wouldn't this make me like all the other jaded queens out there?

If you think everything that is Brett is represented by this blog, then you have been a mighty poor listener and friend. You haven't taken the time to know the REAL Brett. And that is a loss in my book. Don't mistake my blog personality for what I am all about.

Winning using PSYOPS...

Me and E.Shrew FINALLY played a stellar Doubles match in tennis yesterday. This was a momentous occasion. I am not lying when I say our doubles record is probably 0-10. A long time ago, we resigned to the fact that we were just not good team players. Does this surprise anyone? Well, yesterday marked a change in that theory. The winning team was going to have to be smart. They were going to have to notice what was working, what wasn't working, and adjust strategy accordingly.

Whipping Boy and Evil Twin brother beat us 6-4 in the first set despite the fact that E.Shrew and I were playing smart and placing the ball very well. During a break between play, E.Shrew and I were desperate to come up with something to give us the advantage. We deployed our devious and cunning PSYOPS strategy to render one of the opponents distracted in the next set. It worked brilliantly. We raced out to a 4-0 lead in the second set, and never looked back as we won 7-5.

In the third set with our opponents on their heels... we purposively used the PSYOPS strategy once again. Our opponents looked practically brainless. We easily took the third set 6-3 and won the match. E.Shrew and I successfully defeated Evil Twin brother and Whipping Boy 4-6, 7-5, 6-3. I think the teams matched up very well, but in the end using psychological propaganda to achieve desired result gave us the edge we needed. And yes... THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is God going to strike Southern Decadence again?

Hurricane Ernesto is giving me a serious case of Déjà vu. The mere fact of a Hurricane showing up on the radar a week before Southern Decadence seems eerily similar to me. Is it going to happen again?

Hurricane Katrina washed away the biggest and gayest celebration that takes place annually in America's most sinful city of New Orleans. I remember forecasters predicting then that Katrina was going to go ashore between Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL. By the next day, the forecast had shifted dramatically more to the northwest. Katrina ended up socking New Orleans, the Northshore, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Will God strike once again at our annual gay celebration that is Southern Decadence?

Friday, August 25, 2006

I was a Special Guest on the Curve Cast!

I am on the CURVE CAST with SCOTTY AND JOEL. Thank you guys for letting me appear on your wonderfully funny podcast. It was quite the honor.

My Blog Reputation

THIS is proof positive that I am the Suzanne Sugarbaker of the blogworld. Thank you BGB for giving me a day in the sun once again. BIG HUG. I have caused more collective groans in the last week than at any other time in my blog celebrity. I attribute all my sassiness to my Southern upbringing. So... what's next for me? MORE BEAUTY PAGEANTS!

E.Shrew really fits the role of my sister Julia Sugarbaker. You know... the one going around apologizing for all my stunts, sassiness, and attention whorish ways. The one that tries to defend me getting up on stage with a leather jockstrap for sixteen and one-half minutes of uninterrupted thunderous ovation, as flames illuminated my tear-stained face!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Giving Whipping Boy Some Credit

Well... I am going to finally give Whipping Boy some credit. He played valiantly this evening. I was leading the first set 6-5 and had the advantage to win the set. Whipping Boy snatched that away from me and forced us into a 7 point tie-breaker game. He ran away in the tie-breaker game and won the first set 7-6. In the second set, I was behind 5-6 before forcing yet another tie-breaker game. I bolted out to a strong start in the tie-breaker game and held on to win. After this game, it was lightening and beginning to rain, so we called the match a "tie". I am sure we'll both be very sore tomorrow after playing 26 games for over two hours. Whipping Boy moves up the rankings with our "tie".

1. Brett (3-0-1)
19. Whipping Boy (0-3-1)

Et tu, Brute?

"Et tu, Brute?" were thought to be the last words of Julius Caesar before he was betrayed and stabbed to death by the Roman senators. That is sometimes how I feel about "friends". Shouldn't a friend be supportive of you? Shouldn't a friend be interested in what's going on with your life? That is something I am mulling over and over in my head.

Some "friends" of mine think my blog is a testament to the fact that I am an arrogant asshole. They were giddy at the prospect of me going down in flames in last Saturday night's contest. To their horror, the title of my blogpost about the contest misled them into believing I had lost. They groaned when they saw the last few pictures of the blogpost. How many of you were rooting for my ass to lose? Hmm...?

These same "friends" want Whipping Boy to BEAT ME... and BEAT ME GOOD. For the record, Whipping Boy has beaten me before. When my wrist was bothering me last year before the Austin tennis tournament, he beat me many times. Overall, it is a rare event... but it does happen.

Sometimes I feel like Julius Caesar or the New York Yankees. And yes... I guess that is my arrogance once again going full throttle! I am comparing myself to the greatest emperor AND the greatest baseball team.

Jeez... I can't win no matter what I say, write or do. There is always going to be spin placed on my actions... regardless. I think I am just going to keep on doing what makes Brett happy. It is my life. If I want to "toot my own horn"... then that is my perogative. You can either love me unconditionally... or not.

Desperately Seeking a Coach

Working out by myself has brought me to a plateau. I hate to admit it, but I can't go any further from my own workout habits. I have fallen into the habit of doing the same routine over and over again. While it helps me maintain a decent shape, I am not growing any more muscular. I need a different routine however. I need to take it up to the next level. I need a workout coach that can help me take it to the next level. I want a meatier chest. I want bigger guns. I want an ass you can bounce quarters off of! Anyone interested in coaching me?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dear Loyal Subjects:

Now that all the hubbub is over, I am ready to give my first full address as your reigning Evil Queen. I sincerely appreciate each and every person across the great state of Louisiana and from afar who congratulated me for winning the Mr. Bayou Grizzlies 2006 contest. It was quite the honor and experience that I will always remember for the rest of my life. Dave organized a great event which raised a lot of money for the Bayou Grizzlies.

I would first like to address those of you who were overly concerned that my head would explode. I can assure you that my head has not grown too big or is it in any present danger of exploding spectacularly from the ego trip. Don't think for one minute that I did not hear a collective GROAN from the blogworld or local friends when news traveled swiftly that Brettina had indeed won herself a beauty contest!

I would like to address those who have had the nerve to tell me that all they had to do was show up and they TOO could have won a Mr. Bayou Grizzlies 2006 title. My response to you is: NO YOUR MONKEY ASS WOULDN'T HAVE! First of all, you have to have some sort of a likeable personality. Secondly, no one else thinks of yourself as naturally handsome or built. Only YOU DO. Thirdly, you don't have the BALLS to get up on stage and take the chance of putting your pride on the line in front of a huge ass crowd that is watching your every word, move, or imperfection. No one entering this contest will have the most handsome face, finest body, best personality, hairiest chest, most hungnormous SLAB, prettiest smile or the nicest ass. The winner will always be the total package of the individual presented on stage to the judges and audience. I wasn't the hairiest, didn't have the hottest body, and I most certainly didn't have the nicest ass!

Some of you have asked if you could try on my Royal Sash. The answer is an unequivocal "NO!" In ghetto talk... "NO MOTHERFUCKER! You didn't carry yo chicken ass up there and risk making a plain fool of yo-self!" Let me rephrase this. As the CHOSEN ONE, only I can wear the Royal Sash. Anyone else trying to wear it would only anger the gods and run the distinct risk of being struck by a bolt of lightening. For those of you that want to see the Royal Sash, I can assure you that on one day at Southern Decadence, I will parade around the French Quarter donning it. Hey, if I am going to be a poster boy for the Bayou Grizzlies... I have to get out there and recruit!

Finally, for those of you worrying what path this is going to lead for me in the future... I can assure you that it will only lead to greater things. I honestly do not feel like I won a "beauty contest". I feel I was entrusted with the responsibility of representing the Bayou Grizzlies of Baton Rouge. This is a wonderful gay organization. I want nothing more than for this organization to flourish and thrive. The exciting response that the Bayou Grizzlies bring to the Baton Rouge gay community should be commended and encouraged. The Bayou Grizzlies organization means a lot to the local gay community.

Special thanks to E.Shrew for taking those wonderful pictures of the contest. In fact, any pictures that Ambush Magazine will publish will probably be from the pictures he personally took on his camera. You did a great job baby! I know E.Shrew was very proud of me last Saturday night. I want to thank him for being the kind of partner that is willing to let me be myself and shine. I appreciate your willingness to join life's adventure with me and hang on for the crazy ride. I couldn't ask for more. ;)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bear Contest teaches me Lesson in Humility

Show of support written in bathroom at Georges before competition:I had a truly great experience at the 2006 Mr. Bayou Grizzlies contest. There were six wonderful contestants. I can't describe how special it was to bond with these guys as we were behind a black curtain waiting to be called up on stage many times. Ted, Roland, John, Joe, Tim, and I spent some special time together. Georges was a VERY packed bar last night. I had so many friends in the audience. I was so nervous each time I was called up on the stage. And you know what? I got a lesson in humility. The fellow contestants were so kind hearted. I honestly felt that I was part of something so special that I didn't care if I even placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd. I am always going to remember this experience!

The six competitors:

Me strutting my stuff:This was the bare as much as you dare category. Yes, I really wore a leather jockstrap. Yes, I did the usual lick my armpits and pinch on my nipples: Sweating like a whore in church in anticipation:
This was taken right after the winner of Mr. Bayou Grizzlies 2006 was announced:

And the Winner is...

Thank you Judges, Bayou Grizzlies, Georges Bar Patrons!!! Dave... you did a wonderful job organizing a very fun and entertaining contest. Thanks for egging me on to enter. I feel like a million bucks! I also want to thank my friends who were there rooting me on. You guys are the best! And you fellow contestants... I look forward to getting to know each of you more personally in the future. You are a bunch of fun and wonderful guys to hang out and cut up with! THANK YOU!!! I am beaming right now and I am truly humbled.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bayou Grizzlies Bear Contest Tonight

Well, it is Saturday morning and I am fretting about tonight's Bear contest at Georges in Baton Rouge. All sorts of things are going through my head. Sure, I have many friends that are going to show up just to root for me... but that is adding to the stress too! Some are driving in all the way from New Orleans! What if I am a BIG FLOP!??? How will I live down letting down my friends?

Then there is that pimple thing. WHY GOD!? WHY?!?!?!? I haven't had a zit in YEARS. But God has a wonderful sense of humor. I am in control of my food intake, exercise and working out. That's all good. But I can't help any zits that crop up on my face. And now, on the day of the Bear Contest, I have a zit on my face! Gawd! Didn't this happen to Marsha Brady?!?!?

I joined Bear411 the other day to get a sense of being in the Bear community. Well, to my surprise, my birth there generated hundreds upon hundreds of messages from Bears from all over the country.'s a very loving community! The interesting thing is that I used my profile pic that I have on my blog as my profile pic on Bear411. Well, for some strange reason the powers-that-be deleted my pic and kept only photos that were more "bear worthy". Dammit! I can't fit in as a "musclebear" on this website??? Did someone complain that the pic hurt their feelings? WHY? WHY?WHY?

So, today is going to be a day of BUSTING MY ASS in the gym. I have to get all pumped up baby! Then, I'll be running around on the tennis courts with E.Shrew and Evil Twin brother to burn some last minute calories.

I still have reservations about entering this contest. Am I hairy enough? I call myself "semi-hairy". I have very little hair on my back. Good genes I suppose. Am I bear worthy? Will my personality win the day or backfire on me? Will I be booed off stage? More importantly, will E.Shrew take good enough pictures to capture every emotion I wear on my sleeves while I am up there on stage? (win or lose)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Does One Prepare for a Bear Contest?

On Saturday night, I am entering the Mr. Bayou Grizzlies 2006 Contest at Georges, a gay bar in Baton Rouge. I have many hesitations. First of all, how does one dress like a bear? Do you think combat boots, camo pants, white muscle shirt, and white jock strap will pass for "bear wear"? Come on Scotty, Joel, and Derek... ya'll are bears... how do bears dress?

Second of all... how do I handle the competition aspect of this contest? Knowing me, I would probably be more inclined to trip the competing contestants than to adopt the attitude that I am happy to be there. I am so sorry... but it's TRUE! Brett does NOT like to lose at anything. When I entered the "Daddy Contest" last year at Georges, I came in second. I was thrilled that I placed 2nd because many nice looking guys didn't even place. But I was horrified that the winner wasn't the prettiest. Well... he may have actually qualified more as the "Daddy" than I did... so I will cut the judges some slack.

Speaking of Judges... who do I need to blow to secure a favorable finish? I don't even know who the judges are going to be! And what about the audience? Will my preppy stud reputation ruin any chances of winning a bear contest? Will they boo me off stage for not belonging in the competition? Hmm...

Then there is my weight. Shouldn't I been trying to pile on the pounds if I was entering a Bear Contest? What if I come out with a sucked-in six pack effect and the bear clan groans? I may not have enough blubber to satisfy this crowd!

The only thing I got is that I am an ATTENTION WHORE. I am pretty good about impromptu stage antics. I can emulate my Goddess Paris Hilton in every which way possible. So... let's pray that attitude and balls count for something this Saturday night!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Rhode Island Red Chickens Don't Appreciate Me...

This picture was taken during happier times. Can you see the rivalry already brewing between us? I was "Daddy" to ten little chicks. I raised them in my garage in an incubator pen. When they outgrew that, I put two incubator pens together to form a Duplex. Nothing but the best for our chicks! After a few more weeks, I relocated them to an emergency FEMA shelter because the shit was flying and they were growing too fast. E.Shrew and I worked long hours to build Le Grand Poulailler so our chickens would be the most pampered chickens in south Louisiana.

Everyday, I rush home from work to release the chickens for a couple hours so they can peck at grass and worms outside of Le Grand Poulailler. I feed them cracked corn and growth poultry feed twice a day. I change out their water every three days so the chickens have fresh water. I change out their poop bins once a week so the chicken yard doesn't have a shitty smell. I have even gone out of my way to feed our fowl children vegetables from the garden because they love cantaloupe and cucumbers. How many chicken owners do that???

Well my relationship with the Rhode Island Red hens have since turned VERY sour. Three of the Rhode Island Reds, who I call The Bully Posse, now corner me every day in the chicken yard. I try to ignore the fact that they are trying to pick a fight with me. I carry on with my feeding duties, but I can now be assured of at least one hard peck at my feet or hands. These are not little pecks. It feels like someone nipping at you with the very end of some dull scissors. The culprits include Myrtle, Betsy, and this big ring leader that I am going to start calling BIG RED. I am not making these chicken yard fights up! I have bruises on my hands and my feet where these bully birds have pecked the fuck out of me!

Where has the love turned from fair weather to hostile with these feathered fowl? I googled but could not find a "Hen Whisperer" to help me in mediation with these three ballsy bullies. Come this weekend, I will have no choice but to show these chickens WHO IS BOSS! It is time to establish a new pecking order with this flock. I will NOT be run out of my own damn chicken yard! I am the boss! If that doesn't work, I'll unleash my Dachshunds Boudreaux and Pierre around their finger licking selves. HIDE AND WATCH ME!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

On a Mission to be Daddy...

I am 36 years old. If I want to be a hot looking Daddy at age 40, it is time I continue working on my build. I am officially grinding to a halt all the usual bad habits: slacking at the gym doing half-ass workouts, pigging out at Taco Bell, and shying away from cardio. I love musclebears... and that fits my build. I am more on the scrawny end of being a muscle bear though. I look in the mirror and see myself as puny. I need more mass. The funny thing is that my peeps locally tell me the direct opposite. They think I am muscular enough and I simply MUST LOSE that belly fat. So, I am in a quandry of what to do. Do I concentrate on getting bigger in size or should I slim down by ramping up the cardio? Hmm... decisions... decisions.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday in the Dog Park

The New Orleans Saints are in good hands this year!

Wow! A rare "W" for the Saints. Our draft choice Reggie Bush looked GREAT!!! I can never say enough THANKS to the Houston Texans for bypassing this great player and giving the New Orleans Saints "a miracle" this year. GEAUX SAINTS! GEAUX REGGIE BUSH!

Thanks Houston Texans! God... you Houstonions have made life here so much better for us down in S. Louisiana. (in so many ways) You guys are THE BEST!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Gentleman Is Always Well Groomed

Jack E. Shrew looking sharp as he travels in style...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Scandal in the Chicken House!

I can't go any longer without telling the truth. E.Shrew and I have been hiding a deep and dark family secret! Four weeks ago we discovered, to our horror, that ONE of the hens was NOT a hen. The shocking revelation presented itself when I left my house one morning and heard the Rooster crowing. I was shocked! This cannot be! We were assured they were selling us 10 egg laying hens! How did this bird with a pecker get past their inspection process!?!? Dammit! Now we are going to get Rooster JIZM in our eggs! YUCK!

God... I feel so damn ashamed that I missed all the signs. I just thought the Rooster was a SUPER HEN that just happened to be growing bigger than all the other girls because it ate more. The Rooster is now trying to mount poor Myrtle and Betsy! God save the hens in Le Grand Poulailler.

E.Shrew's Birthday is Today

Happy Birthday E.Shrew! You look great for 41! This picture was taken last Christmas when I gave him little Jack Shrew. Now Jack is a big Jack Shrew. Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Does this video remind you of someone's podcast?

The TRUTH about America's Democracy

Psst... let me tell you a dirty secret that should be clearly in front of your own eyes. The United States is not a bastion of DEMOCRACY. We are a nation of people controlled by corporations. When we Americans "spread our democracy", it is really our corporations conquering your country and subjecting your citizens to lifelong enslavement. Your utility bills, fuel costs, credit card debt, mortgage payment/rents, and healthcare costs will be so astronomical that your ass will effectively be OWNED by our corporations. Our souls have been sold to the devil of corporate greed. Oil companies, defense contractors, gignormous banking institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry are reaping so much wealth as the rest of the human race suffers under the banner of "Democracy".

Whoops... I was (COUGH) WRONG:

You Daily Kosers are in for a big disappointment today. I have been following the Lamont-Lieberman primary election from endlessly sparring with a local Daily Kos Talking Parrot Head. This particular person is crafty at debate, so I had to soak up a plethora of knowledge from Googling, reading ABC's - THE NOTE and going on my OWN reasoning.

With that said, I can accurately predict that Senator Joe Lieberman will win today's primary election in Connecticut. The progressive Daily Kos Talking Parrot Heads will surely be discouraged with the outcome. Don't hang your heads down in shame. You have finely served the role of DEMOCRACY. I think you have given Senator Lieberman lots to think about. He has finally unclogged his ears and listened to the subjects he rules over.

Lamont winning will be as disastrous to Connecticut as Arnold Schwarzenegger was to California. Sometimes steady leadership is better than batshit crazy euphoria of "THROW THE BUMS OUT!". We do not need crazy leaders anymore. We already have a President which emulates Hitler more than any other leader in the free world. These times call for steady leadership and not a mob-like rush for anarchy.

The responsibility I place on Democrats is to FIX the vision of America shared by Bush. Fixing the United States and restoring its credibility in the world is the number one priority. The only way to do this is to achieve a Democratic majority. There is no way in hell that Progressives will ever capture enough seats to change the world with their magic wand. Our only hope is to take the power away from the Republicans. Since Progressives cannot win any real power, I am not throwing my support behind them. I will not risk anymore suffering. I am throwing my support behind the ONLY power that can immediately derail this train gone awry called the Bush administration.

And in that... I trust Senator Lieberman and future President Hillary Clinton. Once we seize control of the House of Representatives, we can start our impeachment proceedings against the despicable Bush administration. I am going with the horses that have a chance to win rather than ones that can't even get out of the starting gate. I believe Connecticutters (better than nutmeggers) will see it my way too.

Monday, August 07, 2006

More Vegas Pics

E.Shrew pondering how much money he is going to WIN or LOSE in Las Vegas.

We jet off to our hotel in style!
Classy me riding in a classy limousine!

Brett winning TWICE at NY/NY arcade in a fierce racing competition with E.Shrew and Evil Twin Brother. I rammed their cars into the wall on the final turn to secure victory. THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. Or what is my saying? LOSING IS FOR LOSERS!

WIN #1

WIN #2

Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage. For $15, you get to see this AND Sigfried and Roy's Secret Garden

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Back from Vegas

Me and the Shrew are back from SIN CITY. We flew back home last night to New Orleans.Oh what tales I have of Las Vegas! Unfortunately, my fingers are handcuffed like Scotty. To protect my F-A-M-I-L-Y, I'll have to leave out the truly sordid tales on the blog. If you wanna know all the dish and the dirt, email me.

We all came back losers.... SOME more than others. I was actually UP Saturday afternoon. I had almost as much money in my wallet as I did when I first arrived in Vegas on Thursday. But through a few poker tournaments and making donations to those one armed bandits, I had to join E.Shrew and my brother in the loser's lounge. But I did win $75 in video poker at the airport, so that made me smile.

I had originally budgeted $100 a day for incidentals like food, drinks, tips, etc. Well... Vegas has gotten more expensive. I probably spent closer to $150 a day on incidentals. Everyone had their hand out for tips. It is easy to blow $100 right off the bat when you first arrive. You hire a limo to pick you up from the airport, tip the limo driver, tip the bell hop, tip the guy that brings your luggage up to your room, and buy a $40 monorail 3 day pass.

Word to the wise: spend the extra dough on a nice hotel. The Sahara was an economical DUMP. The rooms were warmer than I was accustomed to during the day. The temperature was regulated by the hotel, so you could never take an afternoon nap in a really cold room during the day. There were only three elevators going up to the Alexandria Tower, so the wait time was unbearable. I do give the Sahara props for having low table limits and cheap food. That was nice. But, it is definitely no PALACE in the desert.

We made my brother walk and see all the nice hotels. I think we wore him out with all the walking. We had fun in the arcade at the NY/NY Casino. Me, the Shrew, and my brother battled each other in a car race simulator. Do you know who won??? I DID OF COURSE! In the first race, I rammed my car against each of theirs right before the finish line to move from third place to first. In the second race, they ate my dust most of the way. Each time, the arcade attendent put my olympic gold medal around my neck for winning FIRST PLACE. I was basking in the glow of victory as my foes were nauseated.

Me and the Shrew caught the Phantom show at the Venetian. It was SO awesome. The special effects were spectacular and the music was spine-tingling. We thought there may have been some lip syncing going on during certain moments in the show, but we can't be for sure. For $140, I didn't mind a little lip synching. I was definitely entertained.

Playing in poker tournaments is more fun that sticking money in the one armed bandits. At least if you don't win, you feel like you had some control over your fate. We played in a big tournament at the Luxor on Friday. My brother and I were swiftly out relatively quickly. E.Shrew managed to snag 4th place and won $150. That's okay, because I ended up winning $1,000 on a nickle machine while he was still playing. I had to go back and personally thank my table poker players for knocking me out. They all wanted a cut, but I flatly denied their request.

If we go back to Las Vegas, I think we'll just play in poker tournaments all day. The interaction with the other players and playing a role with your own fate by saying "ALL IN!" is much more enjoyable than taking a hit in blackjack, throwing dice, or pressing MAX BET in a slot machine. When you go to Vegas, you shouldn't feel compelled to put your hard earned money in the machines or risk it at the tables. Find something that you truly enjoy to spend your money on.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Vegas Baby!

I am leaving this morning for my 99th vacation of the year. I am going with E.Shrew and my twin brother to Las Vegas. Our Continental flight leaves at 5:45am this morning out of New Orleans.

This is my brother's first time in Las Vegas. I'll probably be protecting him all weekend against hookers wanting to rub against his legs. Poor boy has NO clue what really goes on there.

I hope we all have a high-rolling good time in the HOT AS HELL desert city! Wish us luck!!! (flying on the scary mechanical beast AND in Sin City)