Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's A Slumber Party at the Shrew's House

Three Doggies Sleeping

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two Ho's Planting Seed

Oh, my buttocks and feet were hurting bending down this many times...

Inspecting the rows to see if there was enough room to plant everything...

Busy as a bee working in the vegetable garden...

Yes, I am getting dirt under my nails.
I don't even remember what this crap is that I am actually planting. The Shrew did more supervising than actual working.
Here he is killing time pretending to watch the dogs just so I will do most of the physical labor.
Jack E. Shrew making love with my brother's weenie dog.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Counter Measures Initiated

Well, it has finally happened to me. Some person made comments yesterday (I deleted them) where I work, my father's name, slams against me and poking fun at some of my blogger friends who I met in SF. They are obviously so jealous and insecure, that they have to make cowardly comments while hiding their identity to try to pop my bubble. Well, it aint working!

Since the fuckhead is obviously a spineless little worm, I have taken the following counter measures in response to such cowardice. I now have Sitemeter Plus. I can track down every single IP address that views my blog. In addition, I have restricted who can comment on my blog to ONLY fellow bloggers. This will be in place for the timebeing. The next step would be to allow only comments I approve of before they are posted.

You still want to fuck with me? FYI: I am out to all my co-workers and my family. Everyone in my community knows I am GAY. No one cares. We are fun loving Catholic people in S. Louisiana. There is nothing I post on my blog that I would be embarrassed about my family seeing. Got it?

By the way, I think I know who this WORM is. I am already rolling up my sleeves with a can of whoopass in my hands ready to pounce. Watch out you wormie spineless bastard!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Do you want to know what REALLY happened in San Francisco?

CLICK HERE (then little green arrow PLAY button below pic)
When you hear the final song, you have to scroll down my blog and look at the pictures to get the full effect. Almost makes me cry. ;)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Goodbye San Francisco

Well, I met the greatest guys this weekend. Bloggers are really cool. This trip to San Francisco was so magical and special. I felt like I HAD to make this trip. I was destined to make this trip. I was right. I met the most wonderful people in the world. I had a great weekend. I am going to miss everyone. It's not over... all these guys are going to be in my life in the future.

Special thanks to Moby for hosting me. Moby is far sweeter than he lets on from his blog. Thanks to Homer for being my buddy all weekend. Homer has a warm heart that shines everyday, just as his blog does. Thanks for Tony for hanging out with us, transporting us, and watching the lunacy of all of us. Tony is the world's best groupie! ;)

It was great to meet the great Chad Fox. I see what is so great about Chad. He is the one responsible for all those fun things to do with Tony's T-Shirt. It was nice to see Kel, who was a great Southerner with a great warm personality. It was sweet to meet Dan of Turning 40. Dan is an easy going guy that was fun to hang with. I found out at the very end that Dan has a very nice singing voice. Awww... Woof Brandon is in one of those pictures at the top. Brandon was a nice surprise. I didn't even expect to see Brandon. He is definitely a MUSCLE STUD and he SHOULD show his face on his blog. He is a hottie that had everyone gawking. Then there was Rob. Hubba Hubba Hubba.

What a great weekend. I am going to miss these guys. It will not be the last time that I will see any of these guys. There are future friendships that will only get stronger. Goodbye San Francisco. Thanks for the good times! ;)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Fun Things You Can do with the Large Tony T-Shirt

Rob's Party

Well the big night happened at Rob's place. We went up this swirling hill called "Twin Peaks" to the most beautiful apartment I have ever seen. The view from Rob's place was phenomenal. You could see the entire city of San Francisco laid out beneath your eyes. It took my breath away.

That wasn't the only thing that took my breath away. Rob is the most handsomest stud I have ever laid my eyes on. If you go to his website you can tell he has a hot body...but you can't really see his personality or his killer smile. He is gorgeous. I was so starstruck that I couldn't ever find myself capable of uttering anything other than "nice house", "nice party", or "you are so handsome!" to Rob. I know... I choked on any chance of showing a personality. SIGH. Hot men on Rob's level renders me speechless. I talked to many people at that party, but somehow whenever Rob would come near I was zapped and subdued by a force so great I could not mutter anything intelligible. God... I am SO embarrassed!

The party featured many interesting people who I got to talk to. I took turns talking to people with Homer, then Kel, and then our groupie Tony. I was drinking Cosmos. It was the first time I ever had that drink. It had a nice flavor to it. The food was delish and the bar was open. It was one of the nicest parties I had ever been too. It was a treat to share the moment with Moby, Homer, Tony, Chad Fox, and Kel. Rob's partner Fuad was a HOTTIE too. Damn... two hot lovers... makes my mind race.

Afterwards, Tony and I joined Chad Fox and Kel at Badlands. It was a crowded bar. I was not used to not being able to move much in a bar, but Tony informed me that all the bars in SF get this crowded. They played good music, but you had no chance to dance around anywhere.

Tonight on my last night in SF, the blogger clan is going to the Eagle for the beer bust at 3pm. I look forward to this shindig on my last day here! ;)

Proof that a forceshield was surrounding Rob. Notice my rendered DUMB look.

Homer is such a star fucker. Damn him!

Me and groupie Tony with the apartment's view displayed.

Chad (right) was trying to work Orange Shirt Boy (left)

A cutie and a Chad Fox (right)

Didn't anyone tell Kel to not touch anything?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Signing the Large Tony T-Shirt

I am having a lot of fun here in San Francisco. These pictures are a couple of me signing the Large Tony T-shirt. Chad Fox MADE ME sign my name right dab in the center! It was not MY ego. It was the devil Chad that made me do it! I got to meet Woof Brandon, Kel, Dan Turning 40, Chad Fox today at Harvey's in the Castro. It was LOTS of fun. We took lots of fun pics. Check in the future for many FUN pics to come!

Party Pics

The Big Day Arrives in SF...

Today is the day I meet a lot of fellow bloggers. There is going to be a lunch gathering. Moby is the one who thought of it, so when that sleepy head wakes up, I'll find out more details. Then there is the thing later tonight at Rob's. I am going to meet soooo many bloggers in one day... my head may explode.

Yesterday, Tony and I had so much fun at The Midnight Sun. I really love that place. I am more of an afternoon barfly, so this place was perfect for me. We watched the best music videos. I wore my "Real Men Do Men" blue t-shirt and my purple LSU ballcap and worked the crowd. The people at this place were not cliquish. I could talk to any of them like they were New Orleanians at the Bourbon Pub. Tony just smiled at me the whole time.... enjoying the "Brett Show".

Afterwards, at Baghdad Cafe, we had an interesting conversation about my "personality". He had heard the story of my childhood before. He said, "I can't believe that you didn't have any friends growing up". That allowed me to explain that I was making up for lost time now. While some think I am just an attention whore, they don't know I was always the boy that sat alone in the library before school and at lunch. They don't know that I always ate lunch alone in the cafeteria at a table by myself. They don't know that I had to conquer my own rejection of myself (for being gay and different), before I could be comfortable in my own skin... and be the Brett you see now. That conversation with Tony made me feel proud. I felt a surge of happiness in seeing how my life has progressed. It is the story of a boy that conquered his own fears and now has a happy life with plenty of friends.

Today I meet many bloggers that know me from this blog. I am going to be a smiling boy. Hopefully, I will not have a gnawing feeling of them saying "Oh... there is that attention whore brettcajun". I do have a reason for the madness that is brettcajun. I look forward to possibly seeing Woofbrandon, Kel, Daigle, Chad Fox, and many many other bloggers. I will take MANY pictures. This is my blog's most important day!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Day Two in SF

Well, I made it to the second day in San Francisco. I guess neither Moby nor Homer are axe murderers. I am still here. :) (lol!)

When I first landed at SFO after 6 hours in the air, famous blogger groupie Tony picked me up. We then swung around to pick up Homer on the other side of the airport. The trek to Moby's place was a slow one navigating through bad California traffic, but we made it. Moby has a VERY NICE apartment. It is very spacious. He was also kind enough to make sure we had every possible comfort here.

So... what do I think of Moby and Homer? Well... Homer is the quintessential "smart ass". He has a love for taking more self pics than even me! I think I am pickier in choosing what pictures to post than he is. Homer is very witty and bright. I always thought that Moby displayed a darker side sometimes on his blog. Well, he couldn't be any sweeter or nicer. He has a southern accent and is the hostess with the mostest. What strikes me about Moby is that he is uber organized and clear and concise. When Moby talks... he is always to the point. That is what I came away with hanging with these fellas.

Me, Homer and Tony went to The Midnight Sun around 5pm. It was packed with people after work. It reminded me of the Bourbon Pub in New Orleans because they played music videos and comedy clips. We all got a good buzz with Hypoxic's donation. ;) We met this currency trader, Fidel, who loved to talk about trains. They finally pulled me away from the social buzzfest to go have dinner after 6pm. We went to this Italian restaurant (Ristorante de Capri?). We had the SASSIEST of waiters who dished a lot of attitude. That was a lot of fun.

We then reconnected with Moby later that night at his place. We went out to the Powerhouse "Barechest Contest". That bar was packed with hunky beefcake (nearly all had facial hair). The event was showing off the contestants for the Barechest contest which was really a charity cause selling calendars. We walk in there and at first I took a deep breath. Some of these SF do NOT wear deordorant. I had to adjust to that SF local thing. The eye candy was plentiful though. Everyone in SF must do steroids. They all had arms and pecs bigger than life itself.

The only odd thing I saw last night was some kind of "Pup play". Some dude was acting crazy like he was on a leash. His owners were pushing him around. We were told that is one of the many fetishes in SF. That was a freaky deaky moment, but I thought it was very interesting. One thing I took away from The Powerhouse is that Moby knows so many HOT men. He reels them in with his "Moby Dick" I suppose.

So, Day Two starts today! We'll try to take lots more pics. I have NOOO problem taking pics with photo-whore Homer. :) I'll let you know how it goes.

A few pics taken tonight

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Only 5 minutes into the trip...

Don't you wish you can be an fly on the wall?