Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kim Sulkey-Robertson

It looks like Kim Mulkey-Robertson is WHINING AND CRYING (Click to Watch the Fur Fly!) again after #3 LSU (18-1) CRUSHED the woeful Baylor Bears at the PMAC last night. Apparently LSU's Coach Pokey Chatman riled her up BEFORE the game with a little innocent comment. Comment aside, I say that the Baylor Bears were due for an ASS WHOOPING OF EPIC PROPORTIONS! And boy did Pokey and her posse DELIVER IT. Way to go LSU Lady Tigers!!!! Pokey Chatman and her spectacular players whooped the Baylor Bears 88-57 in front of 9,511 LSU Tigers fans and a national television audience. CHA-CHING!

So, what did Pokey Chatman really say to Kim Mulkey-Robertson? "Where did you get that ugly jacket you plan to wear at the press conference?" (Click the first link and watch the video to see how hideous it really is!) NO. The word is that Pokey said something to Baylor's coach about getting some Texas recruit that was heavily sought after by both teams, but who signed a letter of intent with LSU in November. Whoopty Doo. Everyone knows LSU outclasses Baylor as a University. Besides, who wants to go to one of those Holy Roller universities anyway? LSU is annually ranked high as one of the best campuses to PARTY! Hmmm... booze... or repenting for ones sins? Hmmmm... if you were an 18 year old college jock that was much sought after.... which school would you choose? Party U. or Boring U.?

Lord knows I could NEVER be a basketball coach. Yes, it's true. I would have to be muzzled. As coach, I would trash the opposing teams in the news media regularly! For example, if I were LSU's Coach Pokey Chatman, I would have said "Kim... I hope you have your Sportsbra on... BITCH...we are going to run you out of the PMAC!!!" Then at the press conference after the game, I would have said "BAYLOR SUCKS! We really nailed them didn't we? Another UNWORTHY opponent trashed at the PMAC! Bring on PAT SUMMITT AND THOSE OLD HAS-BEEN LADY VOLS.... with all your BIG GIRLS... YOU BITCHES ARE NEXT!!!" Of course, that is exactly why I will NEVER be a coach of anything. I would cause riots and there would be a price tag on my head for UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT. Hmmm.... imagine that! Yes, I am a SORE LOSER and a GLOATING WINNER. Just ask Tom (aka whipping boy)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Time to Grow Up!

I am sure you guys are tired of me blogging about tennis and dogs huh? Well... this post will be something entirely different. I am going to blog about something personal. I may get into trouble for this, but it is weighing heavy on my heart. It is close to 2am, and I haven't slept a wink. E.Shrew has chosen to sleep in the OTHER room with Jack E. Shrew. Predictably, I have been tossing and turning all night unable to get to sleep.

Sleeping in separate beds like this (on a Sunday no doubt) has been a recurring theme for us! We get along pretty well most of the time. For some reason, we are increasingly finding ourselves feuding with each other for the STUPIDEST of reasons. And why? The culprit is usually always alcohol related.

What happened? Like so many other Sunday evenings, our friends wanted to buy us shots. E.Shrew has sworn off shots between now and ETERNITY because he didn't want to get knocked off his ass again. Me, not wanting to be rude to my friends, accepted the shots like I always do. Well, later in the night, I dropped my drink. E.Shrew was highly irritated.

Then it got worse. I started to get smart aleck. I remember E.Shrew getting hugged by a girl he went to college with A LONG TIME AGO. He said, "I was very popular in college." I said, "What happened?" (LOL)! E.Shrew was NOT amused! He is already a moody bitch. When drinking and putting up with my venomous wagging tongue, magnify that times 10! The night further detiorated when we had a disagreement whether we should dine in a Chinese restaurant (Moon Wok) or do take out. E.Shrew opted for take out, so naturally I threw a temper tantrum and didn't want to talk to him the rest of the night. (sigh) He punished me by sleeping in the other room.

Silly huh? We are supposed to be grown men. Well, it is time for me to get out of this increasingly bad habit of getting drunk and feuding with E.Shrew every Sunday. I am 35 years old. I have more important things to do than play "The Fussy Couple". I have my book to write (already have the first chapter in my head). I have a horse I have been neglecting. I have my job to do at work. I have to care for my two dogs and E.Shrew's puppy. This is so senseless and juvenile to be getting into these spats with the spouse. Life's too short. We are not in High School anymore. Time for us both to GROW UP!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Moments of Cuteness

E.Shrew and Three Dogs

Friday, January 27, 2006

If you can't beat them on Election Day, show them who's boss on the tennis courts!

A victory by a Democrat over a scumsucking Republican! WOOHOO! I just upset the #1 ranked tennis player in Brett's World Rankings (Heath)!!!! I had no double faults and I expertly hit short angled unreachable zings on my opponent's side of the net. I was a pesky foe that attacked with good placement and muscle power.

I am ON FIRE!!! This was my third match victory this week. I ousted Tom (aka Whipping Boy) earlier this week 6-3, 6-3 and last night 6-3, 6-2. What was especially sweet about THIS victory is that it was my very first one against Heath! Even better... I BEAT a Republican!!! (EVIL LAUGHTER!!!)

I couldn't help but relish this victory as I saw Heath drive off the tennis courts with his Bush/Cheney bumper sticker. Let's hope this is a good omen for the 2006 congressional elections. And Hilary in 2008!!! Come on Democrats. Follow my lead! Put some MUSCLE into it, show NO FEAR, and victory is yours!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

BRETT WHOOPS ASS!!!!!!!!!! Rips Tom a New Asshole! (6-3, 6-3)

NEVER GET ME RILED UP!!!! I WAS SO FOCUSED IN THIS GAME, THAT I BEAT TOM 6-3, 6-3. Special thanks to his buttbuddy, Philip, for firing me up. That text message about my wimpy arms did the trick! I played with more intensity than Tom could handle. Foes be FOREWARNED...when you challenge me ... I will rise up! Grrr....

Brett's World Rankings:

1. Heath (he's avoiding me cuz he knows I will BRING IT!)
2. Brett
3. David (says he wins regularly on the West Coast)
4. Tom
5. E. Shrew
6. Bart

Day of Reckoning for Whipping Boy...

It is 5:30am. I am wide awake. The only thing on my mind is THE UTTER DESTRUCTION OF MY ARCH-NEMESIS on the tennis courts. This crucial tennis match comes after I forced Tom to play a tournament with E.Shrew and I last week. Tom predictably CHOKED like he does each and every tournament. EVIL LAUGHTER. It was all part of my sinister plan to reconstitute the pecking order and cement my status as #2 in Brett's World Tennis Rankings. Heath's #1 ranking has lasted ONLY because he has been ducking out playing against me. You can run, but you can't hide!

If you look in your program guide about today's match, you'll see an article recounting how Tom stunned the tennis world. He performed the equivalent of "The Miracle on Ice" when the U.S.A. Hockey team defeated the Russians on Lake Placid. (See Every Dog Has His Day.) Since his miraculous victory, Tom has been one cocky bastard. Laughable, because Tom must surely know he'll lose today. He is facing an opponent half his age, who loathes losing more than anything.

The last time my WHIPPING BOY beat me he did the most GNARLY thing... he made sure everyone in the blog world heard about it. I mysteriously started getting emails and comments about the horrific and shocking defeat BEFORE I even blogged about it! You can imagine that I was greatly dismayed, because I had already determined that posting about my tennis games were ratings losers. But here I was... dealing with bad publicity and forced to tell the tale. REVENGE WILL BE SWEET!!!

#2 Brett vs. #3 Tom
4:30pm. Free Admission
Gonzales City Park

Monday, January 23, 2006

Jack E. Shrew...So Sweet... So Innocent...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hanging Out at the Oz Urinal

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago. As you can see, they accurately depict those seven extra pounds I gained. Look around my midsection. Even though I am sucking in for my dear life, there is definitely a paunch there! I am happy to report that I have lost a couple pounds since then. I have five more pounds to lose, before all those tight shirts look DECENT on me!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Another Gay Icon?

On this very Saturday morning, I just discovered what could be the HOTTEST new gay ICON on children's programming. Move over Sponge Bob... make way for the hero from Lazy Town!!! Isn't he woofilicious??? His character name is Sportacus. He's so dreamy, I could just wet my pants. After a little research, I found out that Sportacus is played by an Icelandic HUNK named Magnus Scheving!!!

Apparently, Magnus is a writer, actor, creator and producer of the show. WOW! Built like a motherfucker and entrepreneurial too! Magnus... you wouldn't happen to use magnum condoms would you? Sorry. Bad joke. Magnus's biceps bulge, his muscles flex, he jumps and splits his legs in the air during the entire show. WOWZER! I am moving E.Shrew OUT, and the lead character IN me my living room! I already made MY Sportacus do some dance moves on this Nick Jr. site.

E.Shrew always says the only television programming I watch is music videos and cartoons. He's right! With children's programming like this, who needs the LOGO channel? Hey, I have to watch something while I babysit his Schnauser!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Adventures in Babysitting...

I arrived home yesterday afternoon with much dread. How much will my living room be torn up from three dogs? Why were they inside? It was very cold yesterday in S. Louisiana. Anytime the temperature is in the low 40's, I always set my living room up for my dogs. I come home for lunch, so I can usually let them out if it warms up. With Jack being a puppy, there is a slight chance he could get out of the backyard and get clunked in the head by a horse.

After cleaning up plenty of poo and pee, I let my OCD kick in and was a cleaning MOFO. Now the house looks clean and smells clean. Ahhh... but I have to put the rugrats back in the living room to get Jack some company. BIG SIGH... Aunt Mary's my work in the house is never done!

Jack and Pierre are in love. When they are not wrestling each other on the couch, they are snuggling next to each other. Boudreaux just sits on the side and rolls his eyes at the forbidden love between a Dachshund and a Schnauser. I did notice this morning that Boudreaux was teaching little Shrew how to run the fenceline and guard the perimeter against those gigantic horses! Jack E. Shrew loves to play and my dogs are letting him run crazy and burn off all that puppy energy. I am going to deliver one tired pup when E.Shrew gets back from his island paradise.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Proof Who Jack's Father Is...

This is bonafide evidence that Jack is the biological son of E.Shrew. Whenever E.Shrew gets mad, I see this exact same evil glow in his eyes. I shudder as I wait for the killer deathray to shoot straight from his eyes burning me to a crisp in 1.2 seconds.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Babysitting Little Shrew...

E.Shrew is going away for seven days and leaving his baby Jack behind. I am designated as Jack E. Shrew's "Aunt Mary". (I HATE THAT NAME!) I, Aunt Mary, am going to take care of him for a whole week. Oh what fun he is going to have with Boudreaux and Pierre. It is going to be one raucous week at my house! Jack (aka Jack Attack) is acting like my badass Dachshund Boudreaux every day. Jack can now out WOO WOO Boudreaux and OUT BARK Pierre. Wow... what have I gotten myself into? Saddled at home (pregnant looking too!) with three kids while E. Shrew is away for work and pleasure. Jeez...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Origin of Life

Do you ever wonder about the origin of life? How did we REALLY get here on Earth? What is the TRUTH? Do you ever feel like humans are being brainwashed by organized religion to protect a greater secret? I do.

I have always had this great curiosity about life. I was raised Catholic, went to church and went through Catechism. After Catechism, I decided I had devoted enough of my time to the church. Now, the only time you'll find me in a church is for a family baptism, wedding or funeral. I don't have any regrets about it either. If the Catholic Church would make me feel more welcomed as a gay man, then perhaps I would start attending church again.

Maybe I am not welcomed as a gay man because I cannot continue the human species. Technically, I could. But babies are expensive! Besides that...women talk too damned much! I would never want to marry a woman, give her some Brett juice, and pop out my little Demon Spawn upon the world. Trust me... I am actually saving the world by ensuring there is only ONE Brett. ;)

But I digress. Back to my subject... "The Origin of Life". Organized religion is so focused on protecting the sanctity of marriage and the continuation of the species. But why? Why are we really here on Earth? Were Adam and Eve part of our first colonists? Did we really just come from one man and one woman? If so, why aren't we all grossly dwarfed, ugly, and beset by birth defects? What is the REAL truth about our origin?

Is there some big Galactic Empire out there populating the enormous universe with colonies? What is our true destiny on Earth? Is there a mission set for us Earthlings that have not yet been revealed? Are we supposed to develope our own civilizations and technologies for a reason? Will our human ancestors arrive sometime in the future and announce our true destiny?

Hmmm... questions I have been pondering ever since I was born. I feel like we simply don't have the truth before us. Am I alone in this line of thinking?

Taking my Baby (Ipod) to the Gym...

This was a very special day for us! I took my new BABY to the gym this morning. Admittedly, I was very leery about taking my little bundle of joy out because it is cold, rainy and windy today in S. Louisiana. I made sure my very spoiled Dachshunds Boudreaux and Pierre were set up all comfy in my home, but here I was taking my new baby out in the weather! What if the little rugrat catches a cold or something? What does this say about me being a good parent?

Well, my baby loved the gym. I slid the little critter in my pocket. I pulled his earphones through my shirt. My baby started singing "HUNG UP" by Madonna, and we were well onto our way to enjoying our first gym experience together. We did ab exercises together, calf raises, leg extensions and even squats together. My little sweetie hummed along like he was enjoying every minute of it.

So how did my first gym experience go with my baby? Well, I have to tell you. My gym plays pretty good music, but I always felt very aware that I was working out in a cavernous gym all by myself. It always felt kind of lonely because I do not have a workout partner. Well, with my baby in my pocket, I didn't feel alone anymore! It was just me and him! The rest of the world was shutout. And you know what? That was a very comforting feeling. It kept me very productive.

Apple should adopt a new slogan for the IPOD... "NEVER WORKOUT ALONE IN THE GYM ANYMORE!" I give you guys permission to use this. If it becomes a great commercial slogan... please remember little old me. ;) Hell... if Jared can make it big promoting Subway subs... I am a whole lot cuter!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

One Hissy Fit makes Sunday Brett's Day!

A HISSY FIT heard around the world was thrown Saturday night by moi. My panties were in a tight knot because we always seem to do what E.Shrew wants to do. So, I pitched a bitch. And oh what a bitch I was! So much of a bitch, E.Shrew ordained that Sunday would be BRETT'S DAY! We would get to do whatever Brett wanted! Woohoo!!! So this is what I did...

We walked Jack E. Shrew. Look how fat I am! Those damn 7 pounds from no exercise and all Taco Bell has damaged my waisteline. Sucking in the gut in public is now a massive undertaking. I probably walk around looking blue in the face from all the sucking in I have to do! (gasp!)

Worked Out at Downtown Fitness. Hmmm.... this makes me want to do one of those gym porno scenes. Hmmm... any bloggers out there want to do a locker room porn scene with me? And yes... I am sucking in as if my life like it depended on it. (E.Shrew kindly pointed out how fraudalent the depictions of my abs are in the second picture)! (lol!)

E. Shrew giving me an evil look. He was playing Tom and I had accidentally let Jack run onto the court. This stopped the game. Whoops!
Jack E. Shrew pondering "WHY OH WHY AM I ON A TENNIS COURT? THESE CLAY COURTS AREN'T AS TASTY AS A NICE GRASS LAWN."Poor Old Tom (aka Old Bessie). He tried to repeat his massive upset of a well known tennis pro. I kept telling the hardheaded MOFO that it was a 1:1,000,000 chance event. A fluke! I bitch slapped him and sent him back to school.
Brett schooling E. Shrew and Whipping Boy Tom. Yeah, I won! We play winner stay up. First one to win 10 games wins the Tournament. I won with precision stealth like positioning of the ball. I rolled off 10 victories. Tom had a respectable 6 victories. E.Shrew had a pitiful 3 victories and blamed his performance on his preoccupation with his dog on the courts.

After playing tennis, we went to a private party on Bourbon Street and then out to the bars for a brief while to see our groupies. Now we are watching Desperate Housewives. Only one more thing will make a great FINALE to Brett's Day... sex with the partner. Sorry peeps... can't post a picture of that!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Every Dog Has His Day...

I have been forced to post this story of a traumatic event that happened to me last night because the news leaked swiftly through the internet by asshole word of mouth. I had already declared that I was not going to blog about my tennis conquests because it is a RATINGS LOSER. When you have to compete with the comment whores Scotty's of the world, you have to cater your posts to your audience. I know this from the amount of comments I get on the subject. Usually it is because each post always starts with the same old "Poor Tom". People got tired of reading me abusing and humiliating poor old Tom. He was beat up so often, he was practically roadkill. Tom is Charlie Brown that always got fooled by Lucy to kick the ball.

Well, every dog has his day. Tom beat me 6-3 in the first set. In the second set, I showed him who was boss and won 6-4. In the final set, I was ahead 3-1. Tom (aka WHIPPING BOY) was down on the ropes. I could see the tired look in his eyes. He was mumbling something under his breath like he had gone senile. I was about to put Old Bessie out in the pasture and shoot her old tired ass. But no... somewhere... Old Bessie got enough strength to rattle off FIVE FUCKING victories in a row. I was stunned. Here I am... Mr. Hot Shot Tennis Pro... WAY younger that old Tom... got upset on my own homecourt!

I was so upset with the result last night, I had to download Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You", Trick Pony's "It's a Heartache", and Blake Shelton's "Goodbye Time". I was walking around the house SUPER PISSED that I let my own whipping boy WHIP me. The only song that saved me from falling into deep despair was Kylie Minogue's bubbly "I BELIEVE IN YOU". GRRRR....

Thursday, January 12, 2006

What's Playing on My Ipod...

Things I have downloaded so far...
I Believe in You Kylie Minogue
It's a Heartache Trick Pony
My Humps Black Eye Peas
Goodbye Time Blake Shelton
Free Me Emma Bunton
Hung Up Madonna
All Day Long I Dream About Sex JC Chasez
Because of You Kelly Clarkson

Videos (all Madonna)
Oh Father
Take a Bow
Bedtime Story
American Life

One More Kiss Desperate Housewives Episode

Am I missing any GREAT gay song??? There are several songs I hear at the Bourbon Pub, that I can't find yet on Itunes. Like "Murder on the Dance Floor" or this song by an asian american woman that dresses in daisy duke shorts. Give me time, I'll make Apple some more money.

Brett does the Scientific Method with Adam!

Do you notice something different about my blog? I finally have a LOGO! Woohoo! Everyone who has a blog should have their own logo. I created the logo and saved it on my own ftp space I have with GODADDY. This is where I hit a brick wall. I was stumped! I didn't know how to insert it into my Blogger template. I quickly ran through my head of who has a blog with a logo. Who can I ask? After much contemplation, I asked the most brilliant guy I knew.... Adam at The Krebs Cycle. He's a scientist for Christ's sake!!! Adam should be able to walk me through my challenge through some kind of scientific method!

Here are the steps I followed to give my beloved blog a logo:

1. Create a Logo: If you are not patient or crafty to design your own logo, then obtain one free! You can create your very own free logo at this SITE .
2. Save the Logo: You must have a place you can store a logo and copy the URL to that file. I have my own domain through GODADDY. I just FTPed the file through internet explorer to my images folder under my "brettcajun.com" domain. (COMING AT YOU IN 2006!)
3. Get you Logo Stats: You have to find out the height and the width (in pixels) of your file in Adobe Photoshop. If you don't have this program, then find a friend who does. My logo is 685 pixels wide and the height is 117 pixels.
4. Create a Test Blog: I created another blog so I can test out it's template. I selected the same theme (or you can just copy and paste your existing template into test blog).
5. Edit your Test Blog Template: Insert Width, Height, Border (if you need one) and your Logo URL here. Mine looks like this now...

#header {
margin:0 auto 10px;
height: 117px;
border:1px solid #333;
background: url(http://brettcajun.com/images/logo.png) no-repeat;

6. PREVIEW CHANGES: Blogger lets you preview changes to the template before you actually have to save the changes. If you have an issue with an inner border (like I did), you have to delete two lines of border code in this section:

#blog-title {
margin:5px 5px 0;
padding:20px 20px .25em;
border:1px solid #222 (I DELETED THIS LINE OF CODE)
border-width:1px 1px 0 (I DELETED THIS LINE OF CODE)

7. PUBLISH TEST BLOG: Does it look right? Ask a buddy to check on his end too! If it looks right then you are ready to copy your entire template.

8. EDIT REAL BLOG: If everything looks okay, then go ahead and paste your template with changes to your original plub. If you wrote a description about your blog in your original heading, wipe that text out under Settings, Basic, and Description. Otherwise, you'll have text written over your logo. Don't forget to republish your entire blog!

9. DONE! Marvel at your blog's new LOGO! HOORAY!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fueled Rage Euphoria...

GOD I FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! WHY you may ask? Because I just had a HARD ASS workout this morning! My endorphins filled my body with pure ecstacy. Ahhhh.... the greatest feeling in the world! I guess it is back to OCD for me! What is OCD? OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have NEVER been diagnosed with OCD. My friend Joe swears I have OCD. Okay, I do tend to go full throttle into any hobby or project I am involved in. Is that necessarily a BAD thing? I am PRAYING I get back to my GYM OCD! I feel INVINCIBLE! I am ready to KICK ASS! I feel POWERFUL! It is like I have a can of whoopass opened and I am WILLING and able to put a SUPERMAN'S ASS WHOOPING on anyone in my way! Grrr...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Finally Took the Plunge...

I am now a proud owner of a 60 Gigabyte Video Ipod!!! God... it feels so good to NOT be poor anymore! This wasn't a total blow of my money. My 5 disc CD player in my Pathfinder hasn't worked for over a year. So, now I can plug an IPOD cassette accessory into my Pathfinder and play all the music I want to hear.

Does anyone know if you can transfer data from your vcr/dvd straight to your video ipod? I would love to get PORN Karaoke videos of mine on my ipod.

For all of you out there shaking your head wondering why am I blowing money on a toy, I am pleading with you that I desperately needed this gadget! In my poverty years, I never owned ANY type of Ipod. I couldn't play CD's in my freaking truck for over a year. Now, I can finally afford a solution! Hallelujah!!!

Any fun sites I should explore to download content to my new gadget???

What is Your Favorite Breakup Song?

Here's my favorite breakup song: The Power of Goodbye by Madonna. For the record, I have not broken up with E.Shrew. I have to tell you though, I was DEFINITELY feeling this song Sunday night when he was being a SHITHEAD. Sometimes I can just BOX HIS EARS! Yes, E. Shrew, Brett does no wrong! (COUGH) Special thanks to sexy MIKE for helping me post my very first video!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Mending of the Nephew

Well, I am happy to say that Connor is back home safely and in good shape. He was in a great mood. He was thrilled he got to miss school and Catechism today. His head didn't show any remnants of a bad bump. God... I felt so terrible that we collided in that fateful hockey game. Connor just has to be careful and not ride a bike or play on a playground for a while.

We played a fun skateboard game with his Nintendo Gamecube, his police men squad cars, helicopters, and plastic police men. Afterwards, I had a good dinner of Chicken and Dumplings. MMMmmm...

All is well... :)

God... I feel so bad...

What was supposed to be a friendly family game of hockey turned out horribly bad. I just found out my nephew Connor spent the night in the hospital last night from vomiting. He and I had a collision playing hockey at my house. We were on the same team, but just ran slap into each other. He has a slight skull fracture and has been unable to keep food down. I am going to visit him today with a gift and to say how sorry I am. I thought yesterday he just had a bruise on the head, but apparently it was a lot worse. Damn! NO MORE HOCKEY!!! I am hoping he can get his food down without vomiting. I'll breathe a huge sigh of relief when that happens. My sister is confident that he is going to be all right. She is not mad at me. Whew! He just can't ride a bike for a month to risk injuring that spot again. After a little time, hopefully, he'll heal up fine and be okay. Praying for Connor. GOOD NEWS!: Connor is back from the Hospital and doing fine! I am going to see him in a few minutes with a special gift and card!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Weekend

Contratulations LSU Lady Tigers!!! #3 ranked LSU Lady Tigers whooped the #15 Minnesota Golphers 66-45! There was over 9,900 fans in attendance at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. I took E. Shrew to show him that LSU women's basketball outdraws Tulane (Toolame) Green Wave football.

E. Shrew and Jack Shrew. Poor Jack got stepped on so many times this weekend. He has a bad habit of being right under your feet. I was trying to carry Boudreaux outside at one point, when Jack Shrew tripped us and caused me to bang my back against the kitchen island. I sacrificed my body to shield Jack Shrew and Boudreaux.

Me with Boudreaux, Pierre, and Jack. Pierre absolutely adores Jack. As alpha dog, Boudreaux tolerates him.
Family Hockey Game! Me vs. Evil Twin with two nephews on each team. We eventually had three girls and a little blonde haired boy join us for a 5 on 5 hockey game at my house. I have a gash on my right bicep and two lumps on my left leg from my brother slashing me.
My Evil Twin brother is in this picture with his son (green shirt). We had to put his son in the penalty box because he kept trying to trip me with his hockey stick (I was the leading scorer for our team)Competitiveness does not fall far from the family tree. See the kid in blue? I feel so bad. I had a massive collision with this nephew and he went home with a bad bump on his head. I hope you get better Connor. Sorry I didn't see you little buddy!