Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stealing Souls:

I love my boyfriend Matt. He is very sweet, kind, and thoughtful. Just yesterday, he found a sign with the words "love you more" at a retro 80's looking T.J. Maxx store in Metairie, Louisiana. "Love you more" is a powerful phrase we verbally joust with each other upon hearing "I love you". The conversation ALWAYS degenerates into this Little Britain skit. Yeah.

Six months after committing to each other, we are still very much in the honeymoon phase. There is not a day that goes by where I don't feel lucky to have Matt. We each bring our own set of quirks to the relationship, but they are all very manageable. We compliment each other well in areas where we are different. The key to our relationship is our relaxed open communication style. It's easy to talk to Matt. I attribute that to his wonderful personality. We can somehow communicate with a level of respect, maturity, and love that I haven't always been able to do with others.

As time marches on, we are getting to the phase where we respectfully point out little things to each other. It's amazing how well we can do that without any voices raised or someone storming off muttering profanities. Our personalities somehow gel and go together well. He makes me a better person and vice versa.

So, things are swell in this neck of the woods. :)

My SEXY man:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Stay the Course:

Sorry! It's been a while since I last blogged. I have been super busy with work, preparing for next week's tennis tournament in Austin, and keeping up with Matt's insatiable need to see ALL the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans. Whew! Thankfully, that is over. I was paraded out at Mardi Gras. Parking was limited, traffic a nightmare, and we had to walk ungodly distances to catch a parade.
This picture was taken halfway thru the Endymion Parade, which lasted about 4 hours. It is a challenge to stand up for 4 hours straight catching more beads at yet another parade. Mardi Gras can be pretty exhausting.

The relationship with Matt is going strong even though we have different work schedules and live an hour apart. It sucks we only get to spend a day and a half together each week, because I immensely enjoy our time together. Our personalities and physicality fits together better than anyone I have ever been with. It's downright skeery and so good, that I often wonder if I am dreaming. Hopefully, we can make the relationship full-time living together someday soon.  (crossing fingers)

This weekend, we spent quiet quality time together and walked Boudreaux and Pierre in the dog park. Matt absolutely loves Boudreaux:

Here I am holding cuddly and adorable Pierre:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Mortal Wound of SQUISHY:

LOVE is a squishy human emotion. It is weakness.... making bitchbabies stream wet thingees (tears?) down chubby cheeks when their tender widdle hearts are sad, emotional, or joyful. Love can also screw with your head. Make you lose focus on tasks and missions at hand. I can unequivocally state that LOVE is just about the only weapon capable of mortally wounding a Sith... making him vulnerable and human again.

It's like a sad Gary Allan song:
Your love is like a deep dark river
 Pullin' me out to sea
 The harder I try to resist you
 The weaker I seem to be

ARGH! I am simply not accustomed to being loved. Look at my friendships and past relationships and you'll see that I have a knack for surrounding myself with crabby curmudgeons. I don't know how or why I collect them, but they do toughen me up and keep me battle ready. It's the life of a Sith. We are intergalactic fighters trained to battle enemies and not feel love...  or shed tears!

And then THIS happened:

I met someone who has mortally wounded my Sithness. That someone is named Matt. He is kind, caring, loyal, passionate and loving. It's... so different from what I am accustomed to. Here is someone who never acts annoyed in my company and actually loves me! We have incredible chemistry together, share a wicked sense of humor, and have very compatible dispositions.  Matt had no qualms about offering me a key to his place. That says a lot about his character and honor. As I am typing this, wet thingees are welling up in my eyes.

I don't feel I deserve Matt, but I am eternally grateful that the Universe somehow found a way to put us together. Perhaps the Universe stopped having a sense of humor and got it right this time?

Friday, December 12, 2014

THE Controlling Psycho:

As in the Star Wars Universe, relationships are like battlefields, with danger lurking around every corner. To be successful, you must carefully navigate a landscape littered with minefields and hope you are strengthened by the alliance. Choose wisely, because happiness depends on how well you vet a future partner.

What I have learned is to trust instincts and put away any Hollywood notions of finding the perfect love. Useful questions: (1) What do I get out of the relationship? (2) What do they get out of the relationship? (3) How do we prefer to run our lives? (4) Are there any habits and past or present issues which will prevent us from being suitable/viable partners?   

A quirky thing about myself is that I was raised by a loving family that is as traditional as a family can be. My parents have been married for over 50 years. Everyone, except for me, currently live on the same land that my great grandfather once did. I come from a traditional environment, which has instilled a set of values I hold dear.

Which is why I tend to attract the opposite (JIMBO)
What I have learned the hard way is that no good comes from a marriage of unequals. If they don't share your core values, the relationship will eventually bite the dust. I am fully confident that there is nothing inherently wrong with me as a partner. Rather, it's more to do with them and how they choose to manage their life.

While I find comfort in stability and routine, some revel in chaos and chance encounters. They stay perpetually thirsty always chasing down unresolved deep-seeded need(s) from their past. Sorry, but jumping through wormholes half-crocked with a blurred sense of reality is not my preferred state of mind.

I wish I could let myself go, like Jimbo, and be an obese trailer park slut on Jerry Springer waiting for paternity tests, but I just can't. I am exactly what I want to be: a decent and good person. I'd like to thank my family for instilling those values.

 Not bad for a 44 year old, eh?

In conclusion, all of us conduct our lives in a way that best suites us.  I feel that I have already WON in life, being exactly where I want to be. If someone cannot fit into it, then they have their own demons to pursue. Keep looking and good luck!

Monday, November 17, 2014


I'm sporting flannel nowadays because It's been very cold down here in Louisiana. Do I look like a Lesbian? I hope all my dear friends everywhere are keeping warm too. It's going to be a cold winter. Bundle up!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Muscle Bear Tennis:

Lordy... as much as I fight NOT be Jimbo's type, I need to embrace my musclebearishness. When you look FAT in 99% of the pics, there is no conspiracy by a trusty picture taking assistant. I... AM... FAT. #groan


At the HouTex tennis tournament, I flopped out in the Quarterfinals in singles and doubles. I won two matches with my favorite heavier racquet on the first day, but chose to go with a lighter racquet on the next day. Unfortunately, that was not a good decision because I made way too many errors hitting long. I felt bad that I could not play better for my doubles partner, Rod. NEXT TIME! I have vowed to work on arm strength AND play more with the lighter racquet going forward.

Even though I am NOT the typical smooth / tall / thin tennis player, I was surprised by the attention I got at the HouTex tourney. I don't really take compliments well because I am accustomed to being torn down by others. It was nice to experience kindness from others. Gives me something to ponder... 

The Houston weekend wasn't all tennis. I had the pleasure of spending time with new and old friends. The opportunity to socialize with special people in my life made me feel very appreciative. Hmm... maybe I should get out the house more often.  :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Onto Singlehood:

You may have heard the rumors. It is true: I am back in the state of singlehood. The relationship with Mean Cub was a conundrum that could not be solved. For whatever reasons, we could not make it work. Hence, we have been living as roommates for quite some time.

Going forward, I am doing a lot of self-analyzing. What can I bring to the table? I am financially secure, loyal and passionate. I play a sport, tennis, that keeps me in great shape and provides an outlet to be social with others. I am family-oriented and believe in the importance of holidays with family. I have been told by others that I am a damned good lover. I don't smoke, do drugs, and my annual alcohol consumption may be 10 Bud Lites.

One could present an argument that I am too set in a routine (boring). In my defense, I am currently grounded from traveling extensively because I have two old dogs who make me feel REALLY guilty boarding them. Taking my dogs on trips can be problematic because they are co-dependent. Guests at pet friendly hotels would hear a very sad "Tale of Woe" sung loudly anytime I'd leave the room.

What I try, and obviously fail at, is being someone's Champion. As much as I'd like to, I cannot solve or fix everything that gets in the way of someone's happiness. I can create short-term happy events, but I am no Savior. I can provide support and do my best to make a partner's life easier, but I have learned that one's happiness is ultimately in their own hands.

It comes down to this. Through luck and choices I consciously make, I am able to live comfortably in a routine that serves me well. The life I have chosen is very stable. I would think such stability would be looked upon as an admirable trait in a partner.

On the other hand, I may not have enough PIZAZZ to make others happy. This is an area I have thought long and hard about. Perhaps I do take my health and well-being far too seriously. Maybe I should let my hair down and try new things. Be more adventurous!

So, what can you bring to the table?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Change in the Air:

This weekend was a refreshing change: I had a pretty busy itinerary! After doing the usual morning tennis on Saturday with my friend Mike, I brought the rugrats to the family's fishing camp for a great BBQ outing. As always, Boudreaux and Pierre were on their best behavior. My family was amazed how regimented they were standing by me at all times. They are not wild... but they ARE co-dependent. LOL.

Pierre enjoyed the change of scenery too!

On Saturday night, I made the first trip to George's in Baton Rouge in like two years. The bar was full of LSU fans cheering on the Tigers. I had a beer, then joined friends for a scary good time at one of the best haunted houses in the country, The 13th Gate. Thankfully, we paid a little more money for VIP tickets and were able to skip a long line of 300 something teenagers. Afterwards, I went back to Georges and had a few more beers just in time to watch LSU upset #3 ranked Ole Miss. :)

On Sunday, I ventured down to New Orleans enjoying fun times with good company and treating our taste buds to chicken and Andouille gumbo and crème brûlée gelato. It was a perfect time to walk around the French Quarter, as the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Do you want to see something tickle your funny bone? This is a NSFW video of a distraught Ole Miss fan cursing after her team lost in the closing seconds. She REALLY hates LSU. The video is HILARIOUS! Enjoy. :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Too Old for This:

Argh. Tennis tournaments are fun, right? Not when you are 44 years old and are asked to play up to 3 matches a day with barely 30 minutes of rest between each match. My feet, Achilles heels, calf muscles, knees and shoulders sure took a beating this weekend.

I played well and was not outclassed in any of the singles or doubles matches. Unfortunately, I did not WIN any trophies. My body and brain could not carry me to victory.  A couple of friends watched me play and both observed that while I have nice natural tennis movement and skills on the court, I lose focus when I am too much "IN MY OWN HEAD".

Hello... tennis is a very mental game. Not only do we have to deal with weather conditions, injuries, and opponents who are sometimes dubious in their line calls or knowledge of rules, we have to deal with our own mental state. I don't care how physically fit you are, when fatigue sets in... you are going to make mistakes. The trick is to overcome your bad shots and will your confidence back no matter what the score is.

I was fortunate to have a great doubles partner named Mark. We lost in the B Consolation Finals, but turned in admirable play together. IF ONLY we could have both played full strength, but that's the nature of tournaments. Survival of the fittest and best able to maintain mental focus WINS. I am also very thankful for my assistant who helped me tremendously this weekend.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Darth Tennis Gawd:

Tirelessly, I prepare for the upcoming Fleur-De-Lis tennis tournament in New Orleans. I have less than three weeks to get my game and physical conditioning in top order. Finding the right amount of practice against good competition while minimizing injury is a tricky balancing act for this 44 year old.

I am also walking my 13 year old, Jean Pierre, more than ever. He has always been chunky and I have been way too lax in letting him stay that way. So, walks in the park will be a daily endeavor from now on.
I even took him along to supervise my tennis team last Thursday. As Team Captain, Daddy is responsible for fielding the most competitive team week in and week out. Jean Pierre watched intently as we critiqued every player in the lineup. 

Someone commented that he looks like Dick Cheney. LOL. My baby is way too sweet to be him! He's my cuddly little teddy bear.